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Change BM and Druid from STR to Dex based

Thematically and logistically it makes sense. For the BM in particular there are dodge nodes but also STR nodes those 2 aren’t compatible. Should be that skills like swipe and the companions scale off dex to make it easier to build those characters. It will be easier to get dodge and therefore GB wont be as necessary.

The primalist is a mess. They don’t seem to concentrate on any form of defense for him so he seems too spread out and ineffective. Apart from Druid transformation of course who currently seems to be OP.

yeah exactly what i am saying. They have confirmed that they are working on it, just not how yet.

Hell no don’t give them ideas ^^. Str Druid is good as it is and for BM no idea I dislike pet classes ;).

I agree for BM, not for druid.

Not feeling this one…

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