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Chances above 100% (bleed, poison, burn)

Hello again,

I was wondering, what happens if your chances exceed 100%. For example: The “Tear Flesh” node for my raptor gives him 200% bleed chance, or the Soulfire relic gives 151% chance to ignite. Does that mean, that my raptor applies two bleed stacks each attack? if not, why would i go for a bleed chance above 100%?

I hope anyone can help with some clarification.


Chances above 100% give multiple stacks per hit. So 250% chance would give 2 stacks, with a 50% chance of a 3rd.


That was stated somewhere on character screen tho.

However the most interesting part is stacking glancing blow above 100%

Is it possible to have clarification on that ?

No, that does nothing.

Thanks @Llama8. :slightly_smiling_face:

SARNO, are we close to 0.7.0?

We’re way past that.

we are 6 almost 7 patches beyond that lol

sorry for my lack of attention! I wanted to ask about pacth 0.7.7!

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