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Chance Spell cast on kill : bug?

Hi there,
The primalist has a skill called Maelstrom.
Within that Maelstrom skill tree, there is one sub-skill that gives “chance to cast Maelstrom on kill (5% per points)”.
When a kill triggers that maelstrom cast, we except that cast not to cost mana.
Indeed, otherwise, it is not called a “chance”.
unfortunately, it is costing mana each time it is proc.

In comparison, the Shaman has a passive : “chance to cast Maestrom when hit”. When that passive is triggered, the maestrom cast doesn’t cost any mana.

Another comparison : I have an idol with the affix : “2% chance to cast Maelstrom every 5 seconds.” When that idol triggers maelstrom, it doesn’t cost mana.

Can you please confirm if it is a bug or if those 3 behaviour are normal ?

Quick complementary info, my Primalist is using the Spriggan spell when the above case is happening, means I am in Spriggan form the whole time.

I can see the inconsistency, generally if a proc’d spell costs mana it should say in the tooltip.

The only detail I am not sure about :
Maelstrom is a stackable spell, and when the “cast maelstrom on kill” is triggered, I don’t know - if it is the Maelstrom spell (the 1st spell without any stack) that cost mana

  • if it is the Maelstrom spell (as a stack) that cost mana.
  • or both.