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Cast and Moving

A small thing with a big impact: When I cast, I can’t move for a short moment. Moving should always be a priority. Possibly cancel the cast. As a fragile Acolyte, I always have to wait for the AoE because I’m afraid I won’t get away. Best when short casts are possible while moving.

Suppose this is part of the mechanism that one has to get used to… I experience it with a VK and Devouring Orbs… Other skills have instant cast nodes that negate this but it does seem like the devs, as a rule, decided that the “stop to cast” sequence was required…

Interesting to see how this pans out going forward with things like Blademasters & Rogues for whom this kind of stop to cast may be a serious negative…

What skill in particular were you noticing this with? Some have a bigger impact than others, and some can be greatly improved with cast/attack speed.