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Cant update after new patches

so i need to download 30 000 mb of files but when it come to unpacking at about 60% an error occurs… then when i click retry it download all the way those 30 000 mb again wth???

Can you please either type the error message or show us a screenshot?

then i need to download again lol :confused: any other thing i can try first before i do this?

Could you post the launcher’s log files?

You can attach them to a forum post using the button.

its to large to upload

is there anything i need to delete? or try? BEFORE i start downloading again? i dont got unlimited data so when i reach 200gb downloading im done :smiley:

Apologies for the delay. If you add the logs to a .zip file it should be small enough to upload. However if you’ve started the launcher since it will be overwritten.

If you prefer, you can redeen steam access instead, and not use our standalone launcher.

no problem,im not the only one with problems :wink: i followed the steps to link to my steam account and this worked!thanks!

I think i got the same problem. I have over 84 Gigabyte free space on my SSD, no protected sectors or sth like that (system is on another SSD). Notheless the launcher claimed, that it would need more free disk space and aborted installing. I’m currently trying to download the latest version again. In case this attempt fails, i’ll link the log files. Btw the patch size (?) is 30 908 MB. Is that normal?

i tryed downloading via standalone launcher but that didnt worked for me.yeah its a huge file :slight_smile: i did what Hackaloken said… link account to steam & then download it from there,worked like a charm,took 20mins & it was done,maybe you try it out aswell?

unpacking… currently at 52% and creeping like a snail, but still going. We’ll see whether it finishes :D.

Edit says: 66% and picking up pace… wohhh :smiley:

AAAAnd it finished, hype. I’ll link the logfiles anyway, it seemed extremely slow between 40-70% of the “unarchiving package” step. sec…

1 Like (1.4 MB) launcher-log.txt (136.2 KB)

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