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Can't Pick Up/See Names for Dropped Items on the Ground


Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

Detailed description: First time playing so unsure if I was in the sheltered wood zone or the lower district, but everything was going fine with item drops until I fought the boss. I could see the sparkling items on the ground but names were not showing up and I couldn’t pick anything up. The name flashed onto the screen for a microsecond, then I couldnt see it to pick the items up. Continued to happen until I closed the client and signed back in. The items were still there on the ground and everything was fixed (I believe, however I am playing with summoned creatures which could have gone offscreen and killed something right when I rejoined the area).

What were you doing at the time? Fighting the large boss after seeing the guy who couldn’t move in the doorway?

How consistently does this happen? First time this has happened, I will write again if I see it again…

Your system information:

Your log file:


There’s a keybind for disabling and enabling item names to avoid screen clutter, so I believe it was pressed by mistake.

The keybind is Z, so please try it and let me know if that was the issue. If not, when it happens again please post your output_log.