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Can't keep questing/bug?/ help :D

Any1 can help, please? I have no idea why I can’t use it, even tho my quest tracker says I can

I want to get to shining gove from the dreadnaught’s deck

maybe go to majelka first?

how to get there if not through shining grove?

I’ve been talking with other players and it seems I am not the noob, it is actually bugged, in order to get to shining grove i need to kill the boss on dreadnaughts deck and after to talk with the NPC that shows in the screenshot to jump off the boat. well, my friend NPC sais it will keep an eye on a dead boss already. I can’t keep going through the main story if there is not some1 that can fix this for me:D

Sorry for the confusion-- that portal appearing is a bug. To reach the Shining Cove, you need to go north (up) to the side of the ship after killing the boss. There’s a prompt to jump off the side of the ship.

hey, cheers, it was indeed, there is nothing to show where you need to go, just if you mouse over the edge boat you get the dialog on you cursor

Thanks was having same issue

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