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Can't create a new character

Hi, I need some help, my game crashed then I’ve lost all my save and now I can’t create a new char…I’ve try to reinstall the game, but no success…

Sorry about this! Could you please post your log file so we can look into this? Thanks.

Player.log (11.3 KB)

I just had the same issue. Player.log (7.1 KB) Player-prev.log (11.9 KB)

Is there a repair function? Can’t seem to find one or means to clear a cache didn’t see one in the files? Also have a windows WER report APPHang. Can’t upload it.

Thanks, I’ll pass this along to a developer. In the meantime, if you’re on Steam please try to repair the game.

I have the same issue, lost my character and now i cant create a new one. Will not let me click on and of the characters in character creation. Looks just like Mamudes screen shot above

We’ve just released 0.7.7d which will correct this issue. You’ll be able to see your existing characters and create new ones.

Unfortunately, this bug is caused by a character becoming corrupted, so that means at least one of your characters is lost. We’re still looking into the cause of the corruption, and aren’t able to restore the characters at this time.

Again, my apologies for this issue.

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