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Can't complete "An Ancient Path" Time Rift quest

After downloading 0.7.4, I resumed playing my Void Knight who had progressed to the Lake Liath zone. I saw there was a time rift there so I did that one, then realized there were a couple from earlier in the campaign that I’d missed. I then went to the Ancient Forest, but was unable to complete “An Ancient Hunt”–the Chronomancer in the Council Chambers had no dialogue option to speak to him.

I then went to Precipice and entered Ancient Cavern, but I didn’t realize I’d actually entered the zone via the “exit” you’re supposed to take for the quest. When I went into the other rift in the zone, I got an infinite load screen that said I was entering “Eterra”. After relogging and unsuccessfully trying to enter it a second time, I realized I needed to go into the other rift to progress the quest. I did that, and when I went to the Chronomancer, I was able to talk to him to complete “An Ancient Hunt,” but there was no option to complete “An Ancient Path,” and now it’s permanently stuck in my quest log.

I’m somewhat confused on this. I just found the Ancient Forest and killed the boss there. But now I seem to be stuck on Quest “An Ancient Hunt” and “Return to the Chronomancer”. The Chronomancer is flashing on the mini map for Council Chambers. But she has no dialog option.

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I have the same issue as Ulkesh after the last update. Completed the Quest and returned to the Chronomancer but no additional dialogue option. Just lets me respecc. But it is pulsating on the mini map.

Hi, i have the same problem than Ulkesh with for dialogs choice, ‘leave’ or ‘respec’.

Sorry about this! I’ve made a note internally.

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