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Can't Access Arena

I’ve done like 10-12 maps in the Monolith of time but still I didn’t get a single key when opening the chest for the arena… is that normal or?

got one after some more tries ty. Seems drop rate is kind of small

I am in the same situation. Have done 10 runs and no arena keys yet. Seems way too low, especially since you seem to start over at the monolith, from a difficulty perspective, any time you log out.

Unfortunately this is just a case of unfortunate RNG-- how far in the monolith doesn’t strongly affect the likelihood of getting keys.

I’ve done like 40+ runs still no key. On my other char i got one after 2 runs. Maybe you could have a systeme that augment the chance to drop key after each run where we dont drop one. Like +5% chance to drop a key. this buff will be reste when we find one.

Moving thread from Bug Reports to Feedback and Suggestions.

How can u get a key?
I have just done timelines 5 and got nothing!!!

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