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"Cannot Respec Point" issue

Hi, i m having an issue trying to respec passives from my Lich tree.

I m currently at Lich rank 38 when typing this message and when i want to remove points from any skill i get a popup window telling me that another skill requires X points into Lich so i can’t remove points from any Lich skill. But this isn’t the case at all. I m far above the Lich rank required even if i remove a point from whatever skill.

For exemple with ‘survival of the cruel’ (requires acolyte level 20) if i want to remove a point from it i get this message ‘Cannot Respec Point. You have a point in Deathbringer, wich requires 25 points in Lich.

So i should be able to remove points from it or any other skill but i can’t.

You need 5 points minimum in tier 1 of lich to move up. You need 10 points total in tier 1 and 2 to move to tier 3. And so on. This prevents removing all your lower tier points and put them in all higher tiers.

Thanks for the clarification.

So is every passive tree line considered as a tier meaning that i got 10 tiers on my Lich tree?

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