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Cannot drop items from inventory

When i try to drop any item from my inventory on the ground it won’t let me.
But it will duplicate the item on the ground.If i try to drop an ax 10 times from my inventory
It will duplicated that item 10 times on the ground. I logged out of the game came back an still have this same issue. No matter what item it is how ever many times i try an drop it on the ground it will duplicate that same item on the ground.This happens no matter where i’m at in the game

Can I get an output log from you after you’ve done this a few times?

It’s happening to me too. Logged off, same thing.
Where should i send the output log.

We’ve found an error that should be causing this issue and will be releasing a fix as soon as we can.

How do i go about getting the output log? And how do i get it to you?

We’ve got the issue tracked down so we don’t need it for this problem but in the future you can find it with these instructions:

You could then upload it to pastebin or drive or something like that and post a link here.

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