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Cannot continue the oracle's aid quest - travel to Maj'elka

I am having problems starting this quest, i completed the previous quest yesterday and logged out. I logged in where I was at The end of time and can’t seem to get to know I need to go.

My steam username is morgzyjme. I think my last epoch username is jmemorgzy and my character name is Jme.

Thanks for the help!


I think I may have to return to the shining cove as this is the previous step I have completed, but once again, I cannot travel there :frowning:

The End of Time acts as a sort of town hub, so it’s the place characters load in.

Are you unable to go to the Shining Cove because you don’t know where it is, or because you don’t have the waypoint? The Shining Cove is in the Imperial Era tab of the map, in the bottom left.

If you don’t have the waypoint, the last waypoint you do have is probably in the top left of the Imperial Era.

We do plan to make it easier to find quests in future.

Hi Hackaloken,

I do not have a problem finding where it is, I just cannot access the waypoint in the Imperial Era tab of the map. I tried to re enter the boat (cannot remember what it is called at the moment as I am currently AFK) but I couldn’t aim to get to the destined area I need to go.

Is there a way to maybe get teleported there?

Thank you for your very responsive and prompt reply and I look forward to seeing the ways you guys plan to make it easier to locate the quests and/or locations!

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