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Cannot connect to server!

Looking for some help…

Just bought the game on steam and have been trying to get into it after installing and all I get is cannot connect to server after trying to log in to the game launcher.

I have linked my steam account, but still getting the same process when trying to play.

Is there a way to solve this? Or just play offline?

Thanks :smiley:

Hey there Owlboy83, is the error message that you’re getting “failed to connect to chat and ladder”? If so, that error message is a little out of date and only actually means to say “failed to connect to ladder” as the chat has been moved on to a different server. We have updated the error message for the next patch.

As for fixing the problem itself, I’m not sure why you aren’t able to connect. We do have one known bug with it that causes problems but your account doesn’t seem to be affected. You can try launching the game exe directly with steam off and entering your website account credentials to log in instead. That might work. We will be moving the ladder on to a new server also which won’t have the connection issues that this one has.

We also don’t have full online multiplayer yet so everyone is really playing offline. I’m not sure if that’s clear or not based on your support request.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your response.

I am not sure what is going on either, and its nothing to do with chat, ladder or even multiplayer. I just cannot enter the game at all from the opening screen, and have yet to be able to since I purchased the game on Friday evening.

This is my opening screen from steam.

This is what i get when trying to open via the launcher downloaded from the Last Epoch site after i synced my Steam account.

My internet/network is also working fine.

Hope this can make things clearer…

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Yes, so it’s getting an error when it’s first trying to connect to the server. The launcher also having that same issue makes me think that it’s being blocked by some sort of network security system. Is it possible for you to take a look at your firewalls to make sure that it’s not being blocked? The spot that it’s getting stuck at is a very basic network call.

Yes exactly.

However, I have checked my firewall and it has always been turned off by default.
My ISP has a web protect, but that is for websites only.

I am still getting the same error messages when trying to use the launcher…

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