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Can we have two pets?

Hello, another minor bug i spotted this morning is that when you go to the cosmetic screen and choose to activate two pets (i have the Juvenile Skullen, Brash Skullen, Skullen Warrior and Skullen Shaman), only one appear in-game.

I guess it’s an already known-bug or maybe you cannot select two pets from the same race in the same time. If it’s the case, maybe adding an informatrive message in-game can be a good feature.

Anyway, i perfeclty understand this is really a minor issue that can wait :+1:

A bit more about this : we can actually have two pets but as soon as you activate the second one, its auto-placement makes it move on top of the first one and then it disappear. It is even deselected from the secondary pet case.

But as i said, this is some minor bug that can wait :slightly_smiling_face:

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