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Can we have interesting Pet Dodge passive nodes?

I see there are skill nodes that improve pet’s dodge like Golem’s Spectral spec, and there is an item proper that increases Minion Dodge.

It would be nice if we have Passives that interact when pets dodge so it makes more sense to stack Minion Dodge instead of Minion Health. For Iron Golem, it makes more sense to stack Health as you want it to retaliate with Thorn. This applies to Bear pet as well.

Something like when Minion dodges, they get +Attack Speed or +Damage or a chance to Stun?

Primalist get minion dodge passive nodes, as well as on some of the pet skill trees.

you mean they get bonus when they dodge? I am not talking about a simple +minion dodge passive. I am talking about interactions with Minion Dodge.

Ah I see.

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