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Calculations Page can use some clarification and simplicity

I have been using the Last Epoch Gamepedia as a resource to figure out damage calculations, but the calculations page definitely needs more work. For the moment, I’m looking into spell damage, so I was hoping to break down damage calculations into something that is intuitive and gives a more concrete answer instead of leading to more questions.

This is how I think the damage formula goes. Note that I am not taking critical hits or the 25% damage variance into account.

First is the spell’s base damage. Raw, no passive bonuses, no skill bonuses.
X skill has 15 base damage

Then is flat damage brought by either skill nodes or passive nodes.
Passives give 5 base damage bonus, so first calculation is 15 + 5 = 20 damage

Then is “increased base damage bonus” like there is on wands.
If you have 200% base damage due to a really nice wand, it’s 20 damage * 3 = 60 damage

Then is a combination of % increase on skill nodes, % increase on passive nodes, % increase due to stats, and % increased in the damage type you’re dealing.
You have 25 INT leading to 100% increased damage. This is added by 100% passive nodes, 100% skill nodes, and an additional 100% physical damage.
60 damage * 5 = 300 damage

Finally you have the “more” damage multipliers that explicitly say they are multiplicative with other factors
If you have a 20% multiplier, that’s 300 damage * 1.2 = 360 damage

Would that make the formula the following:
Damage = (Base damage + flat damage) * (1 + %increased base damage) * (1 + (%increased damage skill nodes + %increased damage passive nodes + %increase damage due to stats + %increase damage type) * (1 + %damage multiplier)?

Having something like that, where people can connect what they have in gear and passives and calculate things out that way, is a much better way of putting it than what is currently listed in the damage calculation section of Gamepedia.

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Nice breakdown of how damage calculations work. However one part is slightly off:

The full formula actually looks like this: Damage dealt = (Base damage * (1 + sum of base damage modifiers) + added damage) * (1 + sum of increased damage modifiers) * (1 + sum of more damage modifiers)

Meaning Base Damage and Flat Added Damage are separate, but still calculated before any other modifiers. So the +% base damage from your wand would not affect Flat Added Damage values.

Result with your numbers: 300 = (15 * (1 + 200%) + 5) * (1 + 400%) * (1 + 20%)

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