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By Popular Demand From Almost No One, My Hammerdin Build(Updated)


Gonna roll this hc after I get my beastmaster to 90. Thanks Sirris!


Looks great!


looking good! can i play this in the current game build (0.7.0B) ? or are there major changes to the build?


this build is pretty nuts with bleeding heart
the generic leech from the item applies to the dots from the hammers and makes you super tanky in combat, can even run ephemeral stance with how much you leech back.

the void leech from the world eater passive doesnt work for hammer dot btw.


The build is overall the same as the previous patch. With the changes to gear in beta though I’d change some of my early passive placement and some other passives which is why I’m waiting til I remake the character in hardcore to make another video.

Basically id spec into some paladin nodes earlier as well and get holy aura instead of ring of shields.


True story. But I feel the amulet slot is way too valueable later on (when you can get t5 set dodge and t5 set added life on your amulet with 3 other set items - 2 rings and relic). Its just too valueable a defensive slot. Would rather get the small global leech on the gloves. Healing should be fine. The only real risk is a big burst one shot once youre fully geared and the leech from bleeding heart wont really save you from that.


i think the massive leech will serve the build better tbh, over stacking hp will make your protection stats weaker and dodge will diminish its effectiveness with higher area levels (according to the mechanics thread), but i dont have the time to min max and test.

i think global leech from gloves is for hits only, so the only way to get life steal for dots (that i know of) is from bleeding heart.

might try some other non spell dot build and see how nutty the leech can get, the item seems kinda op lol


Well I’ve actually played the game a lot:P But if you insist.

The hybrid leech affix is % of damage in general. You don’t want too much life true but i’ve found around 1500 is ideal.

Dodge is barely diminished even at very high waves. It does have pretty steep diminishing returns though, as in - the more dodge rating you get the less effective it becomes.


Looks like a great build, i think i will try it!


Thanks for the build, would you go for holy Aura right after getting 20 in sentinel? could you share a picture of how you specced your holy aura tree.

Thank you


I like to get +2 damage to spells and throwing attacks then get holy aura. For holy aura you basically just get all the defensive nodes that arent for your allies:) I can post a pic soon.


Haven’t been able to play much this weekend. Finally died at wave 605 - level 86. Gonna start hc now but I’m going to wait until they fix the hammer throw doing fire damage instead of void damage bug before rerolling this build.

Starting spell blade because of this:)


Yep, its gonna be awesome when its actually void damage. Its already strong enough without the leech. Its going to be crazy ^^


Yea couldn’t believe it lol. Not gonna need leech affixs on gear anymore thats for sure;)


just found out about the reason behind that bug
rip bleeding heart, hello world eater lol


Got any screenshots of skills, abilities, etc?


looks pretty nice thanks


Will post an updated build video soon. Switched to hc so I need to build up some some what respectable gear.

The core of the build is the same as in the topic video though. But with holy aura instead of ring of shields.


Great Build, leveling up through campaign with this for my first play through. I just got holy Aura, just not exactly sure how I want to level it up. Could you share screen shot if you have time.

Thank you


Currently lvl 27, GREAT build so far! Just got Riverbend Grasp gloves (60% throw dmg, 40 health, 100 evade, 15% chance to throw an axe on melee) and a 1-hand axe with t4 physical and t4 void dmg so I’m currently face-rolling everything!