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By Popular Demand From Almost No One, My Hammerdin Build(Updated)

Finally have an updated video. Haven’t been able to play much since the big arena changes and ladder resets after I switched to hardcore. Had a lvl 41 and a lvl 11 but rerolled due to the ladder resetting.
So this is my first hardcore character past lvl 41 for this league. Thus the terrible to mediocre gear at best.

The video covers lvl 59/60 - waves 116 to 126 with details on character stats/passives/gear/ and skill trees before the game play.

Final Progress update:
Mission Successful.
Got to number 2 on ladder without dying and with pretty mediocre gear(although i got some nice upgrades on the way).
Going to stop for now and come back with a reroll for number 1 spot after I make a couple other builds i want to try:)
Ended at wave 321 level 76 =D 19 levels lower than the number 1 guy just saying.

Detailed Skill Progression
Hammerthrow: I rush to disintegrating aura asap. Then get 2 to 3 points into rapid disintegration before maxing weighted hammers. Then I get rapid disintegration to 5 and save up 3 points so i can take the nodes leading to iron spiral without the drawbacks. From there just get the 2 points in catapult and finish up ballista.

Volitile Reversal: I start by getting ancient reversal max to make everything even worthwhile:P 2 points in time sap then 3 in catching up so i can go fast (gotta go fast- hit volitle reversal after youre standing still for any period of time for the movement speed boost while progressing through the story). From here the order doesnt matter much. I get a point in each of the void rift nodes then get food for wyrms maxed. 3 points into warped time then finish off with dark expanse in hopes the rifts hit stuff:P

Devouring Orb: Pretty straight forward. Get abyssal emission first off. Four points in void adept to unlock abyssal juggernaut. However many points you feel you need in that, then get like 3 points into dark torrent. Max Void adept and abyssal juggernaut(the whole reason for getting this skill). Then the other three points into dark torrent to finish it up.

Holy Aura: Its kind of up to you based on what you need defense in but I go for the dodge nodes first because I feel they are the most helpful for when you unlock holy aura for this build. Max them. Unlock shelter from the storm and put a few points in it(based on how bad you need vit/ele protection at the time). Add 3 points or so to punishment, max shelter, then finish off by maxing punishment.(i dont know why this is in bold oh well)

The below video is from the last patch (0.6) but still pretty useful:

Here’s a video of my hammerdin defensive sentinel /forgeguard build

Wave 300 at the time. Ended up dying at wave 896 to keybinding/chat bug.

Feel free to ask questions.


It looks pretty good!

Super build! Beat 107 waves at first playing day with no gear! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thanks guys:)

Welp I died at wave 896 due to alt tabbing back into the game starting the next wave and finding out none of my skills work. No key bindings work at all. Pretty strong boss:P


Looks like fun. :+1:

Oh god I hope someone will invent a Path of Building for this game. :joy:


I believe the devs had said they would build a POB within the game itself


Your hammer throw has 23 points slotted into it.

Yea, it’s a bug. Happens to other skills for other classes too sometimes. I’d takeaway the 2 extra attack speed points and the 6th point in Rapid Disintegration.

Wish i had that bug hahah.
My very first build on my first character in LE was a hammerdin build! It is kinda similar but different nodes/passives and using Abyssal echoes with the Pull of the void node and lunge to bolster defenses. Feels unbeatable and can go pretty much infinite on waves, but everytime i have to stop playing the waves reset cause they wont save from game sessions :frowning: I can def. post the build details if youd like :slight_smile:

How high did you get? I just leave the game running when i go afk etc. This build is number 3 on sc waves ladder @ 896 waves.

I think i couldve hit 100 with this and number 1 on waves but experienced the skills not working bug when I started a new wave and died trying to fix it.

Sure always good to see peoples builds.

I got to 400 or so. Takes too long tho.
Sometimes the hammers wont come out while in the center area (they are maybe hitting terrain?) And sometimes skill just wont fire. Ill post the build later :slight_smile:
Is there a resource anywhere to share builds?

Thanks for this @Sirris! I hope you’ll be sharing more opop builds with us in beta!

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I certainly hope I’ll have the opportunity to. That’s the plan;) Gotta find them first.

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Well I read the patch notes. Hot damn. I can already think of 5+ overpowered builds lol.

They hardly nerfed any of the things I thought they would(like glancing blow) and improved the weaknesses of builds that used to be op:P Such as ward stacking builds like my old spell blade.

Loving the new uniques/changes to the old ones as well.

what kind of one handed weapon do you propose? does the damage scale also with physical damage? is the weapon attack rate relevant to hammer throw?

Hmm I show all my gear in the video, shame on you;)

It doesn’t scale with anything that says melee. And the base damage of weapon doesnt matter. Basically you want defensive stats, void damage. I got blind on my weapon to reduce enemy crit chance to reduce spike damage.


Little update. Using this build as a league starter with some changes of course given the patch. My gear is pretty bad, first character and all. But still number 13 on sc waves at 236 - level 68. A LOT more kiting is necessary. But you can actually do a lot of damage from quite far away.

Grabbed some of the early paladin nodes because they’re sexy. Vitality and block nodes. Decided to go with defensive lunge instead of ring of shields because it has a tree and helps focus gear (basically anything armor/void based other than strength is not used on gear if I can help it).

Going to go hardcore after this build dies so ill wait til then to start posting videos. Also need to finalize the minor details in the new patch. The incredibly powerful new “base” gear items at high levels change a lot of the later passive tree nodes. For example - I have a kite shield with fuckin 1800 block protection OO. Insane.


Just unlocked holy aura…definitely using this instead of lunge…insane skill:)

any chance on a small update video?