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Burning Pier = crash

I just reached burning pier.

The winged fires crash my game constantly in the first 1-3 minutes in this zone. Unity Engine crashed … or some lovley graphic effect i will take a picture of… pink dots like a cheese game.

on further investigation: Crash on saving a town guy, crash on a flame paladin using his flame attack … i had 15 crashes in this zone and 2 on all the way up there …

edit okay i tried to run through the zone without using a skill / casting anything - lowest settings and so on … unity engine crash … help i want to leave this freaking pier :frowning:

Is the zone a problem?

Could you please upload your log file? We’re working on investigating crashes, though I’m not aware of one specific to that zone.

However, we’ve seen that AMD graphics cards have a much higher crash rate right now, so that could be the cause.

Will there be a AMD support in the future?

Logfiles this evening … im at work now.
I run a nvidia gtx 1080ti @4k so no amd problem.

I finished the story yesterday - after i left the pier i only had 1 more crash till the end. So 2 crashes to pier, 15 on pier, 1 after pier… i will run pier crashes this evening and create some logs :slight_smile:

Log Files … time in Zone … 20 seconds i just did 3 casts on the first birds Player.log (48.5 KB)

Time in Zone 30 seconds … Player.log (75.2 KB)

Let me know if you need more i can produce 1 crash every 3 minutes :wink:

Reached pier with my mage…

Crashes till pier: 1
Entered Pier … 20 secs later

Got a pic of that beauty.
Here is the log file. … so it is something with the zone…

Player.log (163.8 KB)

Second try pier with the mage … 10 seconds after enteringPlayer.log (39.4 KB)

Im on holiday for a week - hope you fix it :slight_smile:
Getting another char through it on 50 tries …

Side Note:
For the second try i set graphic settings to “very low” - does not seem to change anything

Come home today…

Patch didnt do anything…

Normal settings i will give very low a try…

Very low does makes crahses less frequent. I ignored all mobs with tele/freeze and with 3 crashes i managed to “skip” the zone.

Hi everyone!

We’ve just released 0.7.8f which includes a fix for crashes on AMD, and may help in other situations.

If you’re still having crashes after the update, please provide the information listed in this support article in a new thread. Details about your build and what you were doing at the time of the crash is also helpful, particularly if it happens multiple times. Thanks!

On a separate note, we’re aware of the graphical artifacting issues some people are having, and are looking into them.

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