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Build Video on Understanding Coffees wave 616 push and how to add some damage to it

In this video we discuss holycoffees wave 616 push and what he used and stacked for and how i have tuned it up with a similar build so you can do more damage and not be bored hit the same boss for 20 minutes :slight_smile:


Haha i approve the video. Well done mate. I think your take of the build, makes the gameplay overall a lot smoother, and just much more fun. Fun to see another take on the build - keep the good work up ^^

For this build, if you don’t have Eye of Keen, do you still go for Chillflame in Shatterstrike? how do you apply the ignite (just using “regular” gear)?

Also, I’m using this build but I don’t have Exsanguuinius or Keen, but I am using the humming Bee sword and Yrun’s Wisdom. Any thoughts?

I’m only lvl 64 on my 1st “real” character (got to lvl 9 i think on my first char).


@marc7694 What do you think? ^^
If you have ignite on other items that apply it on hit sure i would still use chillflame, honestly you can play the game however you want as long as you DO have exanguinius and ward idols so that you can stack a lot and survive far.

Hey @NimrodusMaximus! Honestly you can choose a lot of different things in the build. Depending on how much damage you have contra you survivability - you could respec all of your top points, and put them into ward gain on hit, in the right corner. Until you get the two uniqs. Humming bee is a really fun item, but it really does not give a lot damage. Hope you found the build fun so far :)!

Cool, I will look into the ward on hit thing.

I have found this build very, VERY fun! thanks!

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I like where you went with the build, the affordability to spec into separate nodes and build upon what was in the video has me intrigued.


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