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[Build] Sorcerer "The Heater" Build Guide [Beta 0.7.4b]

Game version

0.7.4b… current ver.

My video: (at level 78)

Main skill
AoE = Elemental Nova (3 k~4 k dmg / on crit hit) & Fire Shield 0.5 k dmg / sec.
Single = FireBall (6~8 k dmg / on crit hit) x 6
(2019-11-25 Revised Fireball passive tree.)
The Heater Build Guide (Beta 0.7.4b)

Powerful & Simple
Not need mana control because using few mana
Very Very simple

Unique gear

Prism Wraps
30% less elemental damage taken
30% increased damage
30% leech with elemental crits


It is very simple.
High Crit chance and Multipler makes high damage.

Item Craft

・Prefix…Fire damage / Elemental Damage
・Suffix…Stun Chance / up to you

Armors (In preparation)
My stats and gears (at level 78)

Non Buff

Buffed defense (by Teleport and Snap Freeze)

current gears

My passive tree (at Level 78)



Active skills
For Buff/Debuff

1 Snap Freeze

2 Teleport (for resistance buff)

offense skill

1 Elemental Nova (for AoE)

2 Fireball (for single target)

3 Fire Shield (for support)

Feedback from this build
  1. Like Snap Freeze’s “Frozen Memories”, it is difficult to see overlapping recharge times on icon.

  2. Initially, I tried to use “Urzil’s Pride”, but it seems be useless on other sorcerer skills, because too low mana regen. Example, 3k armor incleased only 5 mana regen(total 15).
    And this regeneration is not multiplication other mana regeneration ,such as Wand affix.
    I have not test this item on other build / charactor yet, but I think It is too low mana regeneration.

Thank you for your interest !


The Fireball’s projectile number is correct.
Embers will not reduce the Dancing Fire

The numbers look promising. Did you try playing with 200%+ increased monster HP and 400%+ increased monster HP to see how the damage plays out?

Wow… I did not notice it !
Thank you for your comment, I fixed my guide. :smile:

Hi, thank you for your comment !

I did not test with % increased monster life, resistance and dodges for this guide.

Because I think that it is difficult to standardize DPS / Damage with the presence of those mods.
(In other words, it is time-consuming to prepare the same mod always between other builds. )

But maybe this build will work well in presence their mods.
This build has enough DPS/Damage.

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