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Build Showcase - Bleed/Block Melee Facetank Paladin, paladins can deal damage too!

Hello, this is my first showing off of a build and I think my first topic on the forums. I wanted to showcase my character, the first I ever made quite a long time ago, which I’ve recently turned into a decent build.

I’ve gotten to over wave 100 on it before but haven’t put real effort into pushing it as far as possible (I like watching shows while playing, get distracted and die). It’s a currently level 91 paladin focusing on high block chance, health regen, physical damage and bleed damage. Inspiration came from the node penance, which is one of the more interesting nodes on the tree. The skills used are vengeance, holy aura, holy sigils, lunge and volatile reversal. I’ve tried alternatives to vengeance and volatile reversal but found these to be the best for what I’m going for, which is facetanking.

Because the alternative would be a ton of screenshots, I decided to put together a video to show it off. Combat in the arena starts at 8:30, apologies if it’s too long or anything.

All I’ll say here is that holy aura is really good, the undisputed axe is awesome and that I hope there are eventually more ways to deal with DoT, as that is about the only thing that can kill this build and has few ways to be mitigated. Let me know what you think, if there’s anything more the build could use or if I didn’t show enough, if you’ve made anything similar or whatever other paladin characters you’ve made that are successful. Thanks for reading/watching!


Glad to see someone else really enjoys my 2nd all time favorite weapon :slight_smile:

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