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[Build] Shaman Hailstormer Build Guide [Beta 0.7.2b]


Game version

0.7.2b… current ver.

My video: (at level 78)

Main skill = Avalanche (3 k~10 k dmg / hit)
Hailstormer build guide (Beta 0.7.2b)

Powerful & easy handling
Often happens suddenly death because using dodge defense style.
Enemy’s some AoE skills can not dodge (?)
Substantially, Close combat.

Unique gear

(Option) MOURNING FROST boots
・+1 cold damage to attacks and spells per point of DEX
(Option) TOME OF ELEMENT relic
・2% Elemental damage leeched as Health


Summon “thorn totem” increases 200 % spell damage while they are actived (about 16 sec) by ASCENDANT CIRCLE in Shaman passive.
Summon “Storm totem” increases 40 % spell damage while they are actived (about 8 sec) by ASCENDANT CIRCLE in Sharman passive.
Casting “Entangling root” gaines 100% increased all damage by this Specializations (see Active skill) (8 sec)
And Using Fury leap gains 105% increased all damage. (3 sec)
Summon “minion” gains 20 % increased all damage by Elemental bond in avalanche skill.

So, Avalanche can gain total 690 % increased damage (Spell + cold damage = 240 + 100 + 200 + 210 + 40) at full buff.

Of course, allways it can not gain full buff because buffs has time limit.
But allways it can gain stable about 500 % damage buff probably.

Non buff

Full buff (3 sec, after using fury leap)

Easy keep buff (8 sec, after casting STT, ER)

Item Craft

・Spell damage / Cold damage (Prefix)
・Suffix…Freeze chance / Stun Chance (Suffix)
※ I am trying to test Freeze system now.


・Dex and dodge are important for high survivability in this play style if you use MOURNING FROST boots.
・High Block chance shield is also useful for high survivability.

My stats and gears (at level 78)

※These images are using the same to “Synergy”

Non buff

Full buff (3 sec, after using fury leap)

※Of course I know that I need to craft Necrotic / Poison protection to armors.
But I can not get good based items yet.

gears (In Preparation)
My passive tree (at Level 78)




Because i want to test FREEZE, so i used some points for it.
But if you want to more damage, please put points to other skills. (Or change item mod)

Active skills
For Buff/Debuff

1 Summon Storm Totem…for sub damage source and debuff.

2 Summon Thorn totem…for Buff

3 Fury leap…for Buff and moving

4 Entangling Roots (Druid)…for Sub damage source and Buff

offense skill

1 Avalanche

Thank you for your interest !


Very similar to what I’ve done with avalanche. I suggest trying out tornado, the movement speed bonus alone is great.


Thank you for your comment.

In fact, it was a difficult decision for me choose “Tornado” or “Entangling root”, but “ER” has better damage buff than “Tornado”, so I chose “ER”.

However, Moving Speed buff is precious really…


You can switch it with storm totem. Casting totems takes too much time and they are unreliable. A tornado will always follow you and the cast time is instant.


hhhmmmm looks interesting have to give it a try since i can’t seem to get “the fang” to drop for my beastmaster build


I’m sad to see this to be honest. I don’t want PoE 2.0 where skills clutter the whole screen and seem to be autocast but that’s just my oppinion. Seems to work well and pretty effective.


I find this cool but i feel the char is a bit too much exposed to danger, the only thing that disturb me.


What ARPG doesn’t have this? Every ARPG since the very first Diablo series with its limited skill set has had this. Spammed skills, autocast, spells cluttering the screen is normal with ARPGS. So why is it sad for you? Seems your opinion is based on things that don’t revolve around an ARPG game.


First of all, nobody needs your approval to have an OPINION.
Second of all - what kind of dumb as hell logical fallacy this is? If there’s an ARPG which doesn’t have AOE spam then @Macknum’s opinion is “valid”? I can bet your last buck that there is one.

It does look garbage, it does look like it feels garbage and it completely ruins any aesthetics which the game has.

The logic is simple:
Auto-cast AOE spam is often the most efficient and fastest way to farm yet it’s the most unrewarding way to play a game.
If you cannot simulate the same level of efficiency as the snoreboys, you are doomed to feel guilty for gimping yourself and enjoy the game less.

And no, the “play your own game” argument doesn’t work. There’s a reason why out of 100 skills, every League PoE has 1 specific skill which has ~50% play ratio while others sit at below 1% - because it’s the fastest, strongest and most efficient skill; not because it’s more complex / fun or engaging than other skills.


You need to calm down. As you stated, he can have an opinion as well as I. Let him answer and not you. Now be off…:stuck_out_tongue:


To stop this derailing :). I don’t want to answer because it’s your oppinion and that’s okay even if it’s totaly wrong what you said but it’s okay because it’s your oppinion. So back to the build and away from discussing oppinions of oppinions pretty please? :wink: