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Build question for Beast Master

I’m testing some characters and I have a BM question/thought. I’m trying to think of which skill(s) to use as my primary attack. I have serpent strike as one leading candidate, and I’m looking at Spriggan Form as the other. I like the idea of the Spriggan form, but I have a couple of reservations which may be important or stupid, I’m not sure.

First is that I have to put 15 points into Druid, which isn’t really helping my pets much (expect maybe attunement for a Spriggan pet). Second is that a lot of BM passives (Aspect of XXX) work great with a BM in the thick of melee and passing those buffs off to pets, whereas the Spriggan, when it gets some mana regen (the big sticking point, there’s only one way that I know of), can throw down some healing totems and some ranged attacks but it doesn’t really compliment the pets. They also have lots of survivability, which could be huge late in the game in the fact that, when you die, you revert forms.


Serpent Strike is strong … (certainly if you have Draalsting unique weapon, or a really nice rare).

Two-Handed Polearm
Unique Talon Spear
Range 3m
Base attack rate 0.97
+(35-35) Melee Physical Damage
(4-6)% increased Movement Speed
(12-5)% less Melee Attack Speed
175% increased Poison Damage
+(120-180)% Chance to Poison on Melee Hit

Serpent sting doesn’t really require any companions though. (scorpion can be usefull, for even more poison, but is not really needed). (is a serpent strike build)
I’m using a similar build on my BM (though i use talented thorn totems that apply even more poison, instead of a talented Leap).
… just beware that this build can tank your FPS severely (especially if you talent your totems for poison cloud XD).

If you want to go companions, you do need to spend a fair amount of points into them for them to not die all the time in arena ~30+ or monoliths.
If you want Serpent Strike with a pet, i advise not talenting leap / thorn totem and using the scorpion pet (which gets 100% glancing blow thx to your talents) and you can take a passive that allows for only 1 pet but it becomes alot stronger in return.
(use wolves for easy lvl’ing, especially if you have fang necklace)

I can’t really comment on spriggan form (i’ve seen some builds, but never actually tried it myself).