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[Build] Paladin "Thor's Hammer" Build Guide [Beta 0.7.7E]

In 0.7.7D / E

Now, Triggered Smite (2~4.5 k dmg / on crit hit)… downed from 2~5 k (in 0.7.6C)
and …
Now, Smite’s Unbalanced Scale node (Lightning bolt) (0.2~0.5 k dmg / on crit hit) is not functional (Bug)

And from 0.7.7, all spell damage are bit reduced because wands got nerfed.
So, now this build have bit less damage (DPS) compared from 0.7.6C ( =below movie).

Game version

0.7.7E… Current ver. (no change from 0.7.6D)
0.7.6D… Revised this guide
0.7.6C… 1st ver.

My video: (at level 77, in 0.7.6C)

Main skill (in 0.7.6C)
Triggered Smite (2~5 k dmg / on crit hit) and
Bolt’s of Smite (0.2~0.5 k dmg / on crit hit)

Thor’s Hammer Build Guide (Beta 0.7.6C)


Flashy and Beautiful effect
High survivability by Blocking, and running away, while casting spell by triggered by hammers.
Required “KEEN ADORNED RAHYEH IDOLS(2x2)” , at least 3 for frequent casting

Not so high DPS
Sometimes cause low-FPS

Important Unique gear

※Because SMITE uses health cost for high damage (from Sacrifice on SMITE Tree),
So it needs some health Leech for survivability.


30~40 % chance to cast SMITE when you hit with throwing attacks from Idols. (3~4 KEEN ADORNED RAHYEH IDOLS)
Damage converted fire to lightning by Order of lagon (SMITE tree).
So “increased elemental damage” is useful.
Casting spell by trigger is not cause bleed by Bleeding Health.

My stats and gears (at level 77)

Non Buff

Easy Keep Buff
Whenever using 3x hammer throw recently.
From Guardian’s zeal on HAMMER THROW tree.

Full Buff
SIGILS OF HOPE, blocking etc

It is Slightly difficult to keep always.

my current gears

My passive tree (at Level 77)


Forge Guard


Active skills
Offense skill

1 Smite

2 Hammer Throw (using as trigger)

Supported skill

1 Holy Aura

2 Sigils of Hope

3 Lunge

Feedback from this build
  1. Fissure (Smite tree) is useless because base damage is too low, short area, and short duration.

  2. Because there is no passive skill for lightning damage, so Unbalanced Scale (Smite tree) 's lightning damage is not increased enough.

Thank you for your interest !


looks rippy, but good dps

Currently leveling with this build. It’s really nice so far. Thanks for sharing!

Is this still a viable build with Patch 0.7.7?

the sentinel passive tree is way different now! not sure how to build the first 20 points

In 0.7.7D, this build is not FULL-functional by some bugs.
1 Smite’s Unbalanced Scale node (Lightning bolt) (0.2~0.5 k dmg / on crit hit) is not functional.

But, thank you for your interest !

Now, this build is not FULL-functional by some bugs, but

here is new sentinel tree. (0.7.7D)

I hope it will be helpful to you.
Thank you!

If you could respec to avoid the bugs what would you do? I’ve wanted a hammerdin for awhile and I think you have the best way forward.

Many thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Thank you very much PONPOKO!

Yesterday, I wrote
“Sigils of hope’s Lasti Wish node (damage buff) is not functional.”

But this is my misunderstanding… I forgot to set SoH skill on Skill bar :cold_face:
So SoH’s damage buff work well.

I am sorry.

Yes, It is big problem that it can not deal AoE damage from lightning bolt because Smite’s bug.

Still, this build has enough single damage, so I think that it is unnecessary to respec to character’s passive tree.

However in Smite’s tree,
I think it is better to take Holyfire node (3 points) → Confragration (2 points) than taking other node, untill fixed Unbalance Scale node.
Because Confragration’s “more hit damage (total 14 % more)vs ignited enemies” is appeal. :+1:

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