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[Build] Low Life Sacrifice Lich [WIP] 0.7.2 | Easy 200+ Arena | Endless Monolith


“I Sacrificed Everything! What Have You Given?”

Change log

2019-05-21T20:50:00Z - Posted the guide [WIP]
2019-08-10T19:00:00Z - Updated the guide to 7.0.2. New Transplant specialization. New “damage” screenshot. New visuals. New insight!
2019-08-15T21:02:00Z Updated the guide with wave 100 & 200 Arena videos! Patch 0.7.2!
2019-08-16T15:30:00Z Updated the Gear & Crafting section. New images, took out Isadora’s belt (health regen has a negative effect on our Ward pool), corrected some incorrect values. Changed around some of the nodes we take in our main abilities! New screenshots added!

Greetings and welcome to my Low Life Sacrifice Lich build.

This is a ranged build focusing around the Acolyte skill Sacrifice & Summon Skeleton skill. Hope you enjoy!

Damage example: :arrow_down:

47k crits per sacrificed allied minion. With Mark for Death off cooldown thats 19 minions mutliplied by 47890 = a potential Sacrifice doing a wooping 909k damage. One-shotting every boss in the game.


Arena wave 100 run patch 0.7.2: :arrow_down:

Arena wave 200 run patch 0.7.2: :arrow_down:

Monolith run: :arrow_down: (outdated, playstyle more or less the same)

The guide: :arrow_down:

💀 Softcore

The SC version of the build will be highly focused around damage.

Build explained

The main reason for posting this guide is to introduce new players to Last Epoch. Hopefully this guide gets you going and enjoy the game! I am by no means an expert on the game and alot is personal preference. The guide is WIP and alot of the information provided here is subject to change.

The idea of the build is to spawn 4 skeletons at once using Summon Skeleton with Ossumancy 3/3 (you summon an additional skeleton with each cast per point). We use Mark for Death on tougher enemies/bosses and right after that we Sacrifice all of our allied minions using the Catalyst of Horror node (Sacrifice chains between your minions) for high AoE and single target damage. This while keeping Wandering Spirits and Transplant on CD.

Why low life?

Our EHP (efffective health pool) is made out of Ward. We use the unique body armour Exsanguinous to trade health for Ward and to make us immune to Bleed while being at low life. This gives us a steady 1.9k+ Ward. This used to be around 4k before the Ward nerf. Not having to worry about health gives us the opportunity to take all the powerful passives Lich has to offer. Passives such as: Crippling Insight, Dance with Death, Unclosing Wounds, Mind over Body and Blood Pact from the Acolyte skill tree.

Being at low health also procs the Sacrifice node “Great Sacrifice” (140% increased damage if the sacrificed minion had more health than you before you sacrificed it).

What about mana?

Using Summon Skeleton and Sacrifice uses alot of mana. And some nodes are definitely required. At the Summon Skeleton specialization we take Unbound Necromancy 4/4 (80% mana efficiency) and Mind Catcher 3/3 (you gain 15 mana when your one of your skeletons dies). On top of that we use Wandering Spirits to gain 2 mana whenever a spirit expires.

Crafting +16% mana efficiency on your neckless and -3 spell mana cost on your wand is solid. Using the Isadora’s 3/3 set bonus also provides us with a 30% mana efficiency using necrotic abilties (Summon Skeleton is a necrotic ability). This is however optional. Currently I’m not using the set to get more intelligence on rare items. More of this at the “Gear & Crafting” section!



Somewhat obvious picks here. I think Forbidden Knowledge is a must have in almost every Acolyte build. 8/8 because of the intelligence it provides. This build reaches over a 100 intelligence with intelligence being very strong right now. It provides 4% increased damage per intelligence on Sacrifice and alot of Ward retention. 1/10 Mania of Mortality opens up Unnatural Preservation which is quite strong compared to the other nodes. Ward is good, Ward retention is also good.

Besides that we pick Blood Aura 1/8 to open up Blood Pact 5/5. Blood pact is 60% increased damage. This applies to every type of damage. This passive drains 5% of your life per second which is good. We want to stay at low life. Also after using a potion for the “on potion use” effects.

Note that our unique body armour Exsanguinous also provides a 20% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed if you used a potion in the last 4 seconds.

Edit: Do not trigger Exsanguinous unique stats with potions. Putting yourself above 35% health nerfs your spell power with 120% due to Dance with Death. Will be looking a bit more into potions at a later date.


Will be updating this image again soon as I make my way to Lv 100. The idea is to take all the juicy crit nodes.

Skills & Specializations

- Q bind: Transplant

  • Teleport skill
  • One of the best utility skills
  • 25% more damage when on CD
  • Leaves 2x AoE slow on the ground
  • Prevents 70% damage taken for 9 seconds

Use Transplant to get in and out of fights. You can teleport over ledges and trough walls with a screen wide radius. Apostasy makes Bone Amor last 9 seconds. Bone Armor has a 10 second internal cooldown so try to cast Transplant every 10 seconds. Leaving you with a 90% up time. Preventing 70% of your damage taken for 90% of the time. Which is such a fat boost to our survival. Besides Bone Armor I took in Sticky Blood and Reign of Blood. Making you leave 2 blood patches on the ground slowing enemies. Great slow, good utility for a ranged build.

I ended up not liking the lower left part of the specialization tree. Simulacrum and Transfusion both sounded like they would complement the build but ended up doing very low damage. The Sacrfice from Transfusion is not the same as our main skill Sacrfice and deals very low damage. Pale Blood is still interesting. This build has no mana issues but with Pale Blood we might be switching some things around in some of the main skill specializations. More of that later!

- W bind: Mark for Death

  • AoE debuff with a Bone Prison
  • Cursed enemies take 55% increased damage
  • Enemies have -105 necrotic protection
  • Enemies are chilled

We take the node Bone Prison (a Bone Prison is created at the affected area of your curse). The Bone Prison is made out of 15 piles of bones. The amount of bone piles is determined by the increased area of effect Mark for Death has. Thats why we take the node Long Gaze 5/5. This adds 3 more piles of bones to Sacrifice (tested ingame). Meaning every time you cast Mark for Death you get 15 extra allied minions to Sacrifice for a huge burst of damage. Can be used to one-shot any boss currenctly in the game.

- E bind: Wandering Spirits

  • Used to gain Ward and Mana
  • Scales with intelligence
  • Poison damage
  • Instant cast

Wandering Spirits is used to gain Ward and Mana and some minor poison damage. This ability should always be on cooldown. We want to spawn as many spirits as possible so they can replenish our mana and fill up our ward. Wandering Spirits gives around 300-400~ extra Ward when you keep it on cooldown. The poison Wandering Spirits inflict can stack up to 1k+ damage per tick. Not to bad for an ability we mainly use for the utility.

- R bind: Summon Skeleton

  • Summons 4 skeletons with one cast
  • Scales with intelligence
  • You will always summon the skeleton type you have the fewest of
  • Skeletons have 150 base health
  • No cooldown

Summon Skeletons is our bread and butter skill together with Sacrifice. It’s an expensive skill to recast. Some particular nodes are required. Explained in the “Build explained” section.

There is a small delay on summoning all 4 skeletons which requires timing. Summon Skeleton can be used to snipe enemies from afar. Through walls or over ledges. The skill has no CD and stacks up enemies nicely because enemies tend to walk up to your skeletons. They draw aggro when you’re out of reach. Making it the perfect scenario to blow up stacked packs of enemies.

You can also use Summone Skeleton to block enemy projectiles. Place your skeletons infront of the enemy and they will tank the projectiles fired. Your skeletons won’t die and you won’t take any damage.

- Right Mouse Button: Sacrifice

  • Deals physical damage
  • Added damage applies at double effectiveness
  • Damage scales with intelligence
  • No cooldown

Sacrifice is the main skill of the build. Ideally you want to use Sacrifice on atleast 4 skeletons. Try not to cast Sacrifice with no skeletons up as it will drain your mana. Skeletons need to die (be sacrificed) to get mana back.

Notice that I did not take Necrotic Audience to increase the area of effect. I did tested it and I think Sacrifice has a pretty decent AoE with just one point spend into Necrotic Audience. I just went full damage instead. Putting 6/6 into Necrotic Audience is totally viable and improves the overal QoL of the build at the cost of damage. Personal preference.

I also played around with Blood Wraith (when you sacrifice a minion you have a 15% chance to assemble a Blood Wraith from the remains). Getting a Blood Wraith on the board would get us an extra minion to Sacrifice. After playing around with I came to the conclusion it just doesn’t proc that often. Not worth it for me.

Note that you don’t have to actually click on the allied minion(s) you want to Sacrifice with your mouse cursor. Quality of life!

Gear & Crafting

Stats listed are max rolls. Stat ranges might be incorrect due to patches and Wiki not being up to date.

Best Base: Jewelled Circlet
5 armour 35 added mana 25% increased spell damage

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Intelligence (T5 - 10 Intelligence)
  • Added Armor + Added Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow When Hit (T5 - 50 armour + 17% Glancing Blow)

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Necrotic Protection (T5 - 250 Necrotic Protection)
  • Added Poison Protection (T5 - 250 Poison Protection)


Best base: Silver Amulet
25% Increased Critical Strike Chance

BiS Prefix:

  • Increased Spell Damage (T5 - 60% increased spell damage)
  • Added Critical Strike Multiplier (T5 - 25% critical strike multiplier)

BiS Suffix:

  • Mana Efficiency (T5 - 16% mana efficiency)
  • Added Void Protection (T5 - Void Protection 250)

Best base: Prophecy Wand
250% Increased Base Spell Damage

BiS Prefix:

  • Increased Spell Damage (T5 - 60% increased spell damage)
  • Increased Spell Damage + Subtracted Spell Mana Cost (T5 45% + - 3 mana on spells)

BiS Suffix:

  • Increased Mana Regeneration (T5 - 25% mana regeneration)
  • Added Mana (T5 - 35 added mana)

Example in-game weapon:


Body Armor
Unique body armour: Exsanguinous
32 added armor + 15% increased base spell damage

Best base: Solarum Shield
40% Block Chance + 1600 Added Block Protection

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Block Chance (T5 - 15% added block chance)
  • Added Block Protection (T5 - 600 added block protection)

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Armor (T5 - 150 added armour)
  • Reduced Damage Taken on Block (T5 - 15% reduced damage taken)

Example in-game shield:


Might skip wearing an offhand to make use of Wands of the Fallen to further max out the damage potential. Needs more testing!


Best base: Sapphire Ring
15 added mana

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Intelligence (T5 - 10 intelligence)
  • Increased Spell Damage (T5 - 60% increased spell damage)

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Dodge Rating (T5 - added 100 dodge rating)
  • Added Stun Avoidance (T5 - added 250 stun avoidance)


Best base: Bronze Belt
100 armour 3 potion slots

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Armor + Added Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow When Hit (T5 - 50 armour + 17% Glancing Blow)
  • Added Health + Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow when Hit

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Elemental Protection (T5 - added 150 Elemental Protection)
  • Added Poison Protection (T5 - added 250 Poison Protection)

Best base: Noble Gloves
32 armour + 10% cast speed

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Intelligence (T5 - added 10 intelligence)
  • Increased Cast Speed (T5 - 20% increased casst speed)

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Dodge Rating (T5 - added 100 dodge rating)
  • Added Poison Protection (T5 - added 250 Poison Protection)


Best base: Solarum Greaves
75 armour + 17% increased movement speed

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Intelligence (T5 - 10 intelligence)
  • Added Armor + Added Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow When Hit (T5 - 50 armour - 17% Glancing Blow)

BiS Suffix:

  • Increased Movement Speed (T5 - 35% increased movement speed)
  • Added Stun Avoidance (T5 - 250 stun avoidance)

Best base: Radiant Crest
25% Increased Critical Strike Multiplier

BiS Prefix:

  • Added Intelligence (T5 - 10 intelligence)
  • Increased Spell Damage (T5 - 60% increased spell damage)

BiS Suffix:

  • Added Mana (T5 - 35 added mana)
  • Added Necrotic Protection (T5 - 250 increased Necrotic Protection)
Character sheet

Will post a new one while leveling to Lv 100.

Leveling guide

Coming soon!

☠️ Hardcore

The HC version of the build will be highly focused around survival.

Will be added at a later date! Leveling a HC character, might add a leveling guide also!

✋ Personal

Long time aRPG/MMO enthousiast/addict. Played alot of D2/D3, PoE and GrimDawn between leagues. Besides the aRPG genre I played alot of WoW/FFXIV/MH series!



a video would be great

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looks real similar to the build i worked out - super fun, ain’t it? our trees look way different, i went into both lich and necromancer since there’s some great synergies in the early necro tree, specifically mark of punishment (no need to cast mark for death!) and putrid retribution. i also went for bone prison in the mark for death tree, and let me tell you it is SPECTACULAR, i cannot recommend it highly enough, please try it. your fps will tank every time, it’s awesome.

i went in a very different direction on nearly all the skill trees, i went all-in on the various wraith-spawning passives and it’s pretty great, i end up with tons of minions (especially after a bone prison) which, with the AoE increase i also took, blows up the entire damn screen. the explosions seem to overlap as well, so by increasing the AoE and number of minions i end up doing a serious mess of damage. no idea if it’s more than you do with your trees, i think it could be but that might just be ego

i hadn’t been thinking about how to exploit the low life aspect of exsanguinous, so i’m really glad i saw your build. the wandering spirits thing is real good too, i’d just been using hungering souls which was way less effective.

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Thanks for your reply! Quickly posted a Monolith run. Will be making a better one for Arena soon :slight_smile:

unfortunately it seems like the video isnt working, even 4 hours later :frowning:

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Should be working now!

Hey thanks for your reply and interesting insight! I despecialized Mark for Death and Bone Prison sure feels great! Does Bone Prison proc on Mark of Punishment dispite it being on cooldown? That would be crazy good. I would definitely respec if thats the case.

I despecialized Sacrifice a bunch of times and speccing into AoE sure feels good blowing up low-health monster packs without having to recast Summon Skeleton because you might’ve missed a few. At the same time not taking increased damage nodes could potentionally mean not killing off enemies with just one Sacrifice. That way you’d have to recast Summon Skeleton again. Basically I like to have higher Sacrifice numbers and just skip the few mobs that didn’t get caught in the blast. Personal preference.

Sacrifice doesn’t have a bad AoE with just one point into Necrotic Audience and a big part comes down to timing. Without the AoE you might have to drop your skeletons more closer and accurate into monster packs because of the small blast radius.

I didn’t like spending points into Wraiths, the ones you can get from Sacrfrice but I never tested it together with Putrid Retribution! Sure sounds interesting!

i made a quick, lazy video showing a round of arena play with my version. as you can see, i do usually have to cast multiple times for really beefy enemies, either that or use bone prison. and no, bone prison doesn’t proc on mark of punishment, unfortunately.

EDIT: also, it’s not just putrid retribution, you can also get free wraiths from wraith bringer, in the lich tree, and a single point of ethereal revenant in the acolyte tree will give you a constantly respawning guy. use all of 'em together and you’ve got a pretty much non-stop wraith party. again, not sure how useful all that is. i figure if you can manage to actually hit a mob with all those wraiths, plus the skeletons, you’re doing way more damage than you would if you took damage passives instead; but that relies on you actually hitting that mob with all those guys, and that’s not always easy, they like to wander

also, i forgot to mention but that video shows a relatively low level character (64) so it’s not totally representative, i’ll have a lot more ward by the time i’m done and i haven’t taken most of my damage nodes

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I have a level 89 Lich and I started to explore the Sacrifice build recently.
I feel there are several different roads which are not easy to combine.

One way is to go Low-life, Lich-heavy. Only 5 points in Necro to unlock Wraiths.
Lots of Intelligence and Increased/Added Damage nodes in Lich tree. Good damage, good Ward retention. Biggest minus is absence of Putrid Retribution.

Another way is Low-Life Lich with 25 points in Necro, for Putrid Retribution. The problem is, You’ll need 65 points in Lich to max out Int nodes, so 20+25+65 = 110 points, which is level 98.
And with 65 ponits in Lich you’ll have to skip on some damage nodes (Unclosing wounds).

Putrid Retribution adds that bit of magic, that makes your build work. Your minions just seem to somehow multiply every sacrifice. Well, as long as you are spamming Summon Wraith as well, tee hee.

Other paths I haven’t explored yet are:

  • Low-life Necro. basically trade Necrotic Energy and Mind over Body for Ward Vortex and Tyrant. More health/ward, less damage.
  • Life-based builds. Not sure how to build there. Best of Lich nodes drain your life, so either skip them or leech life, either way seems sketchy to me.

Skills I have tried so far:


Sacrifice. Obviously. Now I’ve only tried it with Crimson Horror so far. Need to try without and compare results. The skill costs a lot of mana though, so spamming it might be difficult anyway.
Blood Wraiths, by the way, seem to do next to no damage. Crits by 150 or so. Only good for distraction and being sacrificed again. Oh, and for proccing bleed on enemies, there’s that juicy “60% more damage to bleeding enemies” node.

Wraiths - tried to build for spam (max cooldown/cost) and DPS (added damage).
When specced for DPS, they do decent damage (crit for almost 1000 with maxed necrotic damage, including Lich passive). I prefer DPS spec, and let them kill enemies that I don’t deem worthy of spending my Sacrifice on (remember there’s 8 sec cooldown due to Crimson Horror).

Wandering Spirits - specced into pure mana gain (lower cooldown, longer effect, spawn more often), but I’m unimpressed with this skill.
Pros: Restores mana. Yay…

  • It seems to restore like what, 40 mana over 9 seconds, at the cost of 15. A good mana regen affix would beat that.
  • It takes a skill slot.
  • Spirits seem to affect FPS just as much as other summons. And there are like 20 of them per cast.
  • Spirits clog my vision of battlefield.

Mark For Death.
Now I have tried Bone Prison, and though it’s fun to make 14 blood wraiths out of one wall, I can’t stand 20 second cooldown the Prison node adds. I prefer to be able to chill my enemies at will.

Haven’t tried this one yet, might do decent damage with all these damage Lich tree has.

Marrow Shards. Cast for health, so essentially free in a low-life build.
I specced them into Splinters & bleeding, so I can deal with groups of weak mobs without spending Sacrifice cooldown, or proc bleed on a big guy for extra damage on Sacrifice.

Skeletons - haven’t tried yet, but combining ossumancy with mana efficiency and mana gain on death sounds promising. Just need to spec out of Crimson Horror.

Here’s how I see the passives for my builds:

Sacrifice Low Life Necro

Acolyte (23):
Forbidden Knowledge 8/8
Dark Rituals 5/5
Mania of Mortality 10/10
Necro (41):
Bone Brewer 8/8
Life Drinker 5/5
Marrow Armor 2/10
Soul Drinker 3/5
Wisp Weaver 2/5
Putrid Retribution 5/5
(ascension to Necro) 1/1
Ward Vortex 5/5
Tyrant 10/10
Lich (48):
Crippling Isight 8/8
Dance with Death 8/8
Wraith Bringer 3/3
Serrated Bones 8/8
Mental Cacophony 5/5
Apocrypha 8/8
Unclosing Wounds 8/8

Sacrifice Low Life Lich

Acolyte (20):
Forbidden Knowledge 5/8
Dark Rituals 5/5
Mania of Mortality 10/10
Necro (25):
Bone Brewer 8/8
Life Drinker 5/5
Marrow Armor 2/10
Soul Drinker 5/5
Putrid Retribution 5/5
Lich (67):
Crippling Isight 8/8
Dance with Death 8/8
Wraith Bringer 3/3
Serrated Bones 7/8
Mental Cacophony 5/5
DeathBringer 5/5 (only worth it if you are using spammable skills, take damage otherwise)
Necrotic Energy 10/10
Mind over Body 20/20

I feel that damage nodes in Acolyte are not good enough. you get 66% damage for 6 points, so only 11% per point. Might sound crazy for a Sorcerer player, with his 7% nodes. But Lich has plenty of 14-15% damage nodes, and 2 int per point nodes are huge as well.

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Updated the guide to patch 0.7.2! :slight_smile:

Ty, will start this build now.

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Thank you for taking an interest in the build! Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Updated the guide with wave 100 & 200 Arena videos! Patch 0.7.2! :slight_smile:

Loving this build! I’m wondering how useful Wandering Spirits really is, though. I don’t see another ability that would be more useful but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything for me.

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Thank you for taking an interest in the build! Glad to hear you like it :smile:. Wandering spirits gives us around 300 extra ward during combat and return quite a bit of mana. On top of that they can hit up to 1k+ poison damage per tick. Perhaps there will be some other interesting spells to add in the future!

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