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[Build] Lich "Shotgun" Build Guide [Beta 0.7.7E]

This build is inspired from Magaiti’s “Lich Summoner with splintering Marrow Shards” build guide.

Game version

0.7.7E… 1st ver.

My video: (at level 82, in 0.7.7E)

Main skill (in 0.7.7E)
Marrow Shards ( 1~2.5 k dmg x 2 / casting (on crit hit)

Shotgun Build Guide (Beta 0.7.7E)


Comfortable casting speed, DPS, moving speed.
Characteristic handling.
Required “Fractured huge immortal Idol(1x4)” , at least 3 for more projectile distance.

Characteristic handling.

Important Unique gear


Offense : Marrow shards
Like other games, projectile speed increase their projectile distance.
So, more projectile speed makes practically more AoE.

This time, I focused to Bone splinter of Marrow shards.
(And my goal is to bring to the bone splinter to the edge of the screen while keeping high damage, even if casting point (=mouse cursor) is nearest my character.

In this build, please take care that Marrow Shards damage is lesser than Bone splinter.
For dealing high damage, you need to hit Bone splinter to enemies.
If you do not like this characteristic handling, change some points of Marrow shards tree.

Defense : Summon skeleton and Rip blood
Skeletons are useful as wall, and draining a lot of ward by rip blood, too.

(I can not prepare yet, but) Some “Glancing Blow chance” mod are required on gears for more survivability.

My stats (at level 82)

I understand that I need to have more glancing blow chance, but it is not going well yet to craft them. :sob:

my current gears

Because Lich do not have enough critical strike chance node on the passive tree,
so it needs to craft Critical strike chance on some gear.

My passive tree (at Level 82)



Active skills

Offense skill
1 Marrow Shards

Support skill
2 Rip Blood

3 Summon Skeleton…Skeleton archer are most useful for draining wards.

4 Mark for Death

5 Transplant

Feedback from this build
  1. I do not know that this is a bug or feature,but It seem that Rip blood’s Marrow drinker node (and combined Arcane fortress node) can only generate 1 blood orb even if +3 casting from Transplant’s Dance of Blood node.

Lich Summoner with splintering Marrow Shards [WIP]

Thank you for your interest !


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