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Build Idea for Melee Lich

I can second this. My Necro is just level 78 and I see 200k + ticks of poison DoT.

Running wraiths, Bone Curse, bone golem, rip blood and Dread shade.

DS plus Bone Curse with wraiths is just broken for dmg output, can’t wait to find reflect for my minions, (where are you splintering affix?!?!)

Yes. Poison didn’t work out so well for me in melee+skele combo :stuck_out_tongue: bleed might work, but I went for physical Crit!

Yeah I’ve not run a pet build for Lich. My Lich is a AoD poison build.

Hard thing about Lich is you need the slots on gear for defense and you give those up to help your minions live (Minion Health and Minion Regen)

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