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Build Help, Vengeance Paladin

Ok So I am going Vengeance Paladin, the goal is to be able to face tank. I know there will prob be stuff that I will still have to dodge, but face tanking most stuff, while still haveing decent dmg is the goal.

My current Passives

As there is no guide for what I want to do, and I am a complete noob, I have no idea what I am doing. I dont even know what skills other than vengeance I should use lol. Currently using Lunge for the buffs, and shield throw to help with dmg.

My vengeance:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You’ll want Ring of Shields (which can be specced for healing, % resists & an additional 25% chance to block for 4 seconds on casting) plus Holy Aura which can also be specced for flat resists & a whole load of other things. Plus any other skills you feel like.

Vengeance needs you to take hits though so ring of shields isn’t, IMHO, the way to go

I’ve got my 77 pally running a vengeance build and it can certainly face tank. I’ll post up later my skill tree for you.

here is my vengeance tree:

Basically i’ve gone for the damage buffs on the tree and then Bolster for the nice damage reduction. As I’m using it as my main attack skill I should have the reduction buff up all the time.

Vengeful Fighter and then Blade Paladin add a nice damage bonus and, unless i’m taking a series of big hits, my health is always over 50% meaning i’m getting the damage bonus permanently as well

Other skills -

I take holy aura and spec into the ignite part of the tree but also go for Redemption for the increased healing effectiveness which boosts the other damage skill i use - Judgement. I like it as its a good melee skill that fits in nicely and does solid damage but you have to spend points in fire damage to get the most out of it i think.

I then use Lunge and Shield Rush

Lunge has some nice defensive bonuses (+armour, +stun res, +protections, invincible whilst lunging) and I use lunge frequently in fights to keep the buffs up and running.
Shield Rush is a good mobility skill that lets you get out of combat if you need to but also does good enough damage to kill packs of trash as you zip around maps.

Thanks! I think I am going to switch my vengeance to be more similar to yours. I feel like I rely too much on being hit and my single target dmg can be lackluster.

I think im going to switch things up and be more fire damage focused too. Im running out of places to put passives with not caring about fire damage. Would you mind posting your passive trees?

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