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[Build] Flame Reave Spellblade 0.7.2 (Work in progress)

This build uses the Spellblade’s Flame Reave skill to deal massive AOE fire damage. This is a crit build so we’ll want lots of critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier to scale our damage. Also, Flame Reave is a melee skill, so we want to use melee weapons with high damage, not wands.

On to the details of the build:


Flame Reave is our only source of damage - use it as much as possible. Use Teleport liberally, as it only has a four second cooldown. It’s good for positioning, moving between packs, and buffing armor/protections/elemental damage. With sufficient attack speed we run out of mana quickly using Flame Reave, so use Focus to recover it. Ice Ward just needs to be cast once (and recast if you die), but don’t forget to use Enchant Weapon when fighting enemies with a lot of health!



  • Scholar 2/8 - put more points in this later if desired.
  • Arcanist 8/8 - damage, ward retention, and protections!
  • Mage Flurry 5/5 - Attack speed is very good for us.
  • Knowledge of Destruction 5/10 - Crit chance and multiplier? Too good to pass up!

These can be tweaked to your liking; you can take Elementalist instead of Arcanist for a bit more damage, but I prefer the additional protections. None of the other passives in this tree are especially useful for this build; I’d advise against Elemental Cunning since penetration does not scale well into late game.


I haven’t picked up any passives here, but at higher levels you can put some points in Mana Shell for armour/mana. Most of the Sorcerer passives scale spells, not attacks, so we don’t really want them.


This is where we’ll spend the bulk of our passives, as one would expect.

  • Arcane Warden 8/8 - very powerful. Gives good attack speed as well as ward on hit.
  • Elemental Affinity 8/8 - Infused Weapon may give more damage (it’s hard to tell currently with the lack of tooltip dps), but the protections are too good to pass up.
  • Spellbound Weapon 6/8 - great damage as long as you are casting spells regularly. Enchant Weapon doesn’t count for this, so we trigger it with Teleport and Focus.
  • Prismatic Blade 8/8 - Gives base damage as well as 4% increased damage per point of dexterity.
  • Arcane Forge 15/15 - Damage, 'nuff said.
  • Triple Strike 15/15 - Effectively the same as Prismatic Blade.

I’m only level 72 currently so I’ll update this later. Mind Slayer and Mind Flame may be good for more survivability; otherwise go for the Mage/Sorcerer passives.


Currently not implemented, so we’ll have to see if any of these are useful in the future.


Ice Ward

This is a defensive skill. Because we aren’t scaling cold damage or spell damage, the Waves of Frost node is useless (the frost nova won’t do any damage), so there’s not much choice in what nodes we select here. In total this skill gives us +15% block chance, +500 block protection, +75 armour, +20 ward on block, and +45% ward retention. If you’re using a shield you can drop a point in Eternal Ward to pick up Impenetrable Ice for the +2000 block protection, but whether this is worth it depends on your total block chance and block protection.


We use this for mobility as well as some buffs to damage and armour/protections. The nodes which cast Elemental Nova are useless since we aren’t scaling spell damage. We don’t want Mana Tunnel since we aren’t using any high-mana cost skills. You can take Decoy Position and/or Unexpected Copy if you want, but the damage buff from Elemental Affinity is too good to pass up, and increasing the buff duration with Time Dilation is nice as well.


Not much to say here; we use Focus to regain mana after using it all with Flame Reave. So we want to max Desperate Mediation and Mana Flooded. Prismatic Stance and Iron Stance are nice for increasing elemental protections and armour while channeling. Null Profusion isn’t worth it since we don’t really get to high negative mana due to the low mana cost of Flame Reave.

Enchant Weapon

Currently doesn’t have a tree. Just needs to be on your skill bar for the passive to take effect; have to hit the button for the active. Will update this when the skill gets a tree!

** Flame Reave **

Our main skill, and the one which has the most options for customization. It’s important to take points in Dancing Flames for the mana efficiency so we can spam Flame Reave more. Aside from that, I chose to go for the crit nodes to increase damage, as well as Flame Caller which causes the wave to return to you. Flame blade is a solid “more” modifier which increases our damage drastically. If you have a reliable way to chill enemies then Melting Strike is worth picking up for another “more” modifier. Infernal Subjugation is another “more” modifier, but it requires 4 extra points to reach so I didn’t find it to be worth it; I’d only recommend going for this node if you are scaling ignite damage instead of crit damage.

The other option for Flame Reave is the Catalyst of Fire node which gives a 40% chance to cast Fireball on hit. This can do some serious damage, but burns mana really fast unless you take the Unchained Fire node in the Fireball tree. I didn’t opt for this route because Fireball scales with spell damage and Flame Reave scales with melee damage, so it felt like it would be spreading things a bit thin. But this is certainly another option.


Best bases:

  • Weapon: Sovnya - slower attack speed than other two-hand weapons, but up to +12% base crit can’t be beat. You can go for a 1-hand weapon and shield, but your damage will suffer immensely.
  • Helmet: Gladiator Helmt - highest armour, nothing else worth considering.
  • Amulet: Silver Amulet - for the crit chance. Can also use Jade Amulet, but dps probably scales better with crit chance than attack speed, and more attack speed means you run out of mana faster.
  • Body Armour: Solarum Plate - highest armour, nothing else worth considering. If you really want lightning protection for some reason, use a Copper Plate.
  • Rings: Gold Ring - increased % elemental protection is really strong. Can also use Ruby Ring for the health/stun avoidance.
  • Belt: Bronze Belt - highest armour. Plated Belt is fine as well, but Bronze Belt has an additional potion slot.
  • Gloves: Lagonian Gauntlets, if you get a pair with a high roll on the elemental protections. Otherwise Engraved Gauntlets.
  • Boots: Solarum Greaves - highest armour, nothing else worth considering.
  • Relic: Radient Crest - crit multi is king.

Stats to look out for/craft onto your gear:

  • Melee Fire Damage: on your weapon. Get T5 if at all possible.
  • Melee Crit Chance: on your weapon. Get T5 if at all possible.
  • Glancing Blow Chance and Armour: Glancing Blow is really good as it reduces damage from hits by 50%; try to get your GB percentage as high as possible.
  • Glancing Blow Chance and Health: More GB!
  • Added Health/Increased Health: The more health you have, the more damage you can take. Whether a given gear piece should have one or the other depends on how much flat health you have from leveling, as well as flat health/increased health from other gear and passives.
  • Protections (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Void, Necrotic, Poison): Get these as high as you can without sacrificing health.
  • Hybrid Health Leech: You’ll want some of this to keep your health up. Unfortunately Spellblade doesn’t have any leech built into passives or skills.
  • Movement Speed: On your boots. Doesn’t matter as much in arena, but crucial for clearing monoliths quickly.
  • Increased Fire Damage: More damage, enough said.
Character Sheet

Overall this is a fun build, but in my experience does not do nearly as much damage or is as survivable as other builds. I hope for buffs to Spellblade in the future, as it is an interesting playstyle.


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