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[Build 0.7.8] >>> Lightning Sorcerer <<< Static Orb & Elemental Nova

◤ Update 0.7.8c ◢

◤ Overview ◢





◤ Gameplay ◢


Thanks for the guide! I am using this to level now and its working out great!

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Nice to see a prevalent Grim Dawn builder in our midst and testing the waters of this game. There’s probably others, but your name was immediately recognizable to me. This build looks pretty fun, well done.

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As someone new to the game I’m not sure if it’s too much to ask but I would greatly appreciate if you could list what mods I should look out for & prioritize on gear & idols

This build based on Lightning dmg
thats why you can use any affixes with lightning, elemental, spell dmg
also try use affixes with dodge, intelligence, mana
and if you find Armor Exsanguinous you can use HP affixes
as for idols, ward retention, ward per second, increase lightning dmg and maybe some for autocast nova when enemies hit you (if you don’t have dodge) can be useful

Thank You very much <3

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I found the Invoker Static Touch and the Invokers scorching Grasp. 80% increased spell dmg if you rotate lightning, fire and ice. Seems insane for your build. Regards!

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This is very nice Set
But at high lvls yellow rings can give you much more
It’s not simple to get nice rings with Set affixes but this build needs them

@omnitrio, nice to see your builds here.
Good build bro! I’m glad to see battle mages are alive here and we need more. :wink:

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◤ Build Update 0.7.8c ◢

There were huge changes in patch 0.7.8 at Ward Retention
and now Exsanguinous is almost useless
That’s why I use common gear but this build needs 2 important affixes

On Helm very important to have Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed
On Body Flame Ward Charge and Added Ward

That’s give 12,6 sec cooldown on Flame Ward and 3 charges
That’s why we can use Flame Ward 4 times on each other
After that we must kite a bit and use Flame Ward 4 times again

PS: the best body for this build is Archmage Robes but I don’t have it now

Thanks for updating this, I really liked this build in 7.7 and it’s good to see that it’s possible to use in 7.8. When did you start finding affixes for the flame ward charge?

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SInce patch 0.7.8 appeared
But it’s realy rare affix, I got only 1

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