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Bugs in primalist

It seems to be functioning a little differently.

1 Frenzy totem’s Furious Cry does not be functional.
(Does Companion ability include Howls, etc…right?)

2 When put the point to Nature’s bounty and Petrify on Spriggan form, Mana cost is not refund often in spite of success summon Vale spirit.
Often 2 or 1 mana reduce.

3 When equip Tempest maw (1 H unique) and use Spriggan form,
it summon storm sprite in spite of not summon totem.
(Reacttion the totem tag?)

4 When equip Tempest maw and casted Storm totem using Tempest Strike’s “Storm’s aid”, it does not summon storm sprite.

3, 4 are not match from Tempest maw’s text, “when you summon a totem…”

5 Storm totem called by Tempest strike has been not effect to specializations of Storm totem.

Additional bug found on passive skill trees.
Maybe it seem be similar or same bug already reported this thread.

Once put 25 points on mastery class and unlock upper passive skills on mastery, it can not unlock upper passive skills on other mastery in spite of enough points by respec on passive tree.

Currently the Mastery you choose to ascend in is a permanent choice. This will be made more clear.

I believe this is intended because the node says that Lightning Bolt creates the Storm Totem, rather than you. That is also why it doesn’t benefit from your Specialization tree. I will confirm this.

I’ve made a note of the other ones, they don’t seem to be working as intended. Thanks!

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