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Bugged Monolith tile set

Since the most recent patch, the monoliths on this tile set have been bugged and don’t spawn monsters to complete it.

Are you referring to the Forge in that image being unable to spawn enemies? I wasn’t able to find any issues with enemy spawns in this Monolith zone during my testing. The enemies always spawned at the start and clicking on the Forge spawned more.

Some more detail on what problem you’re seeing and a log file would help. Thanks!

Yes, when activating the Forge, it spawns the first few waves of enemies, but then stops and it cannot be completed, with my only option to teleport back to town, resetting my Monolith progress. It has happened the last 2 or 3 times on that tile set when the Forge is in that location. Maybe it’s an issue with it spawning so close to the wall? Unfortunately, I’ve closed/opened the game a few times since, so I think the log file is reset.

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