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BUG - Skill Point missing

Hi there!

If there are 117 skill points to get, something went wrong for me.
I’m on 116 points with all related quests done (according to tunklab-list (double checked that)) and lvl 100 ofc…

So… where could that missing one point be hidden?
Recently i heard about a bug concerning that topic…

Anyone can help me out?
Thanks in advance!

Moving from Launcher Bug Reports to #bug-reports.

I only had 113 passive points after patch, some have gone awol.

Same for me now… I was writing the topic pre patch. :confused:

I went to the brain npc to respec and my points just up and disappeared. I removed a point and its just gone. So I tried 2 more and they are just gone as well. I lost 3 points and I’m not trying it anymore. Relogging doesn’t help. I’ll just play something else for now this is unplayable.

Chapter 1-3 was reworked and you get less passive points than in 0.7.9. The game is not giving you points because you are not supposed to have those points yet.

Are those points being added in some future story content? I’ve finished the story and on monoliths. Also how do you know what chapters the story is on? I’ve looked at the quest log and can’t see any numbers about what “chapter” I’m supposed to be on ever. And I’ve beat Lagon I’m on monoliths. I don’t see anywhere in the patch notes where we supposed to lose passive points. The skill points sure I see the changes.

I just respecced 1 point and lost it for good. It’s never coming back and i have the clip/pics to prove it :frowning:

I have leveled up twice since this patch, and I am still being prompt by a message saying passive points are available, but when going into the passive tree, no actual passive points were awarded.

If you say that a re-work takes place, the character does not receive passive points. Why is the game not resetting a character’s passive and let them putting it in again? On the contrary, when the level up is still showing the notification icon, however I don’t see any official announcement for the latest patch adjusted about passive points as well.

There is no clear indicator for chapters but 1-3 is from begging until the end of time as far as I know. Patch notes do not mention that you lose passives but since some side quests no longer reward points we end up with less than before.

I got the same problem here, I don’t get my re-spec points back and don’t get points after leveling up.

Yeah, chapter 1 is up to the Council Chambers, 2 is left from the Council Chambers & 3 is right from the Council Chambers up to the end of time.

There was one (possibly 2) new quests added in the Ruined Era (in the Ritual Site & around Welryn where you need to kill the void horrors) but it doesn’t look like you get skill points from them.

I played my Sorcerer char today, it looks like the only character affected by this passive bug is my beast master. plz fix

I played my beast master yesterday. Got 3 levels however have not received any passive skill points.

Same problem for me. I just started playing an old character from 0.7.8, and finished a quest that grants a passive point, and leveled up, but got no passive points.

Ok… actually - if everything goes right - you should have 113 skill points when reaching lvl 100 and having all skill point quests done.
[a list showing which quests give points can be found here: Tunklab: Questlist]

Now, i have a paladin with 113, a void knight with 113 - but my forge guard only has 112 points…
Every character has the exact same quests done (and is lvl 100 ofc).

So, where is the issue with that passive skill point missing?
MUST be bugged… i couldn’t explain this any other way… :confused: