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[BUG] Acolyte: 'Summon Skeleton' Minions Stop Melee Attacks

Started a new acolyte and am noticing that the skeletal minions stop meleeing after about 8 melee swipes.

With a tree specced for only rogues, I saw that they were only throwing acid flasks after a bit. Removed the Acid Flask point to see if they would melee without issue, summoned a new set of minions and, once they reach 8 attacks, they simply stop attacking (testing with the target dummy.) So… something is wonky.

Tree as specced for reference:

Please let me know if any additional info may prove helpful. Cheers.

I believe this problem is just due to a quirk in the AI of Skeleton Rogues. They have a dash attack which is high priority to use, but has a cooldown. They use melee attacks until the cooldown finishes, and try to dash. However, the rocks behind the Training Dummy are too close to allow dashing.

If you go into combat or the Training Dummy in Council Chambers, you should see them working properly. I’ll see if we can move the training dummy to somewhere nicer though.

Using the dummy in the council area indicates the expected behavior. Thank you for the clarification!

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