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Buff Timers

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but it would be nice if there were buff timers on the UI. Pretty obvious how this would help, but just wanted to make sure it’s out there.
Great game otherwise. Having loads of fun so far ^^

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Same, sometimes I don’t even know if I have a buff at all. Skill tree buffs are especially vague, like ones you get from having a specific node unlocked on an ability. I don’t think I’ve seen a buff icon for any of them.

Abilities that grant a buff from the skill tree such as the resist/armour buffs from Rebuke could show that buff above the skill bar like other buffs do. Abilities that grant a buff innately e.g. Holy Aura could have a buff duration indicator on the ability icon itself, perhaps a glowing border that retreats clockwise like the cooldown indicator. Both of these should work out to be informative without adding a lot of clutter. Even just seeing it in peripheral vision would be helpful, you wouldn’t have to stare at it all the time.

Many skills already have buff timers. So I’d guess its work in progress for those skills that don’t show a timer, yet. But you’re right. I’d like to have a timer for everything that procs from passives or skills. This was one of the first things I recognised that is missing when I started with LE in 2019.

Have my upvote :wink:

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