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Buff/Debuff System Improvement Idea

I think we should have buff/de-buff affix stone, which grants random buff (Speed, increased armor, increased damage and etc… for x sec.). If it placed on one of armor pieces. Also if used buff/de-buff affix stone on weapon or amulet gets a random de-buff ( weakens armor, reduce speed, reduce attack speed and etc … for x sec.). Can be only activated buff or de-buff just on hit enemies (on channeling skills do not work like skill “warpath”). There is also limit one buff and de-buff at time can be activated for duration of buff or de-buff (until enemy dead). Game will be set use higher value buff/de-buff if multiple items will have buff’s or de-buff’s .

NOTE : Random until you use an buff/de-buff affix stone on item after that you see buff and time it will last on hit.
Looking forward for feedback.

That’s a crazy idea, and I am an absolute sucker for that kind of thing. I like it, but I don’t know how the devs would like it, or how they would thematically explain it.

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