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Bone Curse, it's damage, it's freeze rate & kills

I’m a bit confused by Bone Curse. The devs have said on discord that the damage (& freeze) from Bone Curse is your damage/freeze so if you want to make it do more damage/freeze, you need to buff player damage/freeze.

So one would assume therefore that any kills should be counted as player kills (& proc the player’s “on kill” stuff, like Blood Pact) rather than minion kills. I’ve taken the Brittle Bones node (cull @ 18%) & I don’t seem to be getting any Blood Pact buff, even from mobs that require many multiple hits (therefore it gets killed by Brittle Bone’s cull rather than a crit from a minion).

I’m also not entirely sure that the freeze is actually increased by the player’s freeze multi. I’ve got 5 points in Bitter Winter for a freeze rate of 100, I’ve then equipped a Last Steps of the Living for +393% (with an Exsanguinous to make sure I’m actually at low life) & a bunch of other freeze multi affixes such that I’ve got 998% freeze multi. And while I am freezing normal mobs a lot, I would have assumed that a freeze rate of ~1k & around 40 minions with a cast speed of at least 44% should be enough to keep bosses freeze locked?

Can’t speak about Bone Curse, but I have 2k freeze on mage and although I freeze bosses a lot, they are never freeze-locked. Almost, but not quite.

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How many hits per sec are you getting? If I’ve got 1/2 your freeze rate & am hitting twice as many times per second then I should see the same amount of freezing as you are.

Edit: I might try the Frozen Eyes of Formosus then when I get high enough, that would allow me to see if Bone Curse’s freeze is based on player (Last Step of the Living) or minion (Frozen Eyes of Formosus).

Shatter Strike, triple attack node, 75% increased speed.

Base attack speed 90%. I can drain my 280+ mana pool in just over a second - around 20 hits per second? That’s without Enchant Weapon speed boost.

Also, remember that freeze chance is based on current mob health … freeze chance goes up as the mob’s health goes down.

And each cold skill has it’s own base freeze rate which is then affected by the multiplier.

A skill with 50 base will have a better chance than a skill with 40 base.

Shatter Strike has a freeze rate of 50.

Are you using Bitter Winter and, if so, how many points do you have in it?

Ok, I’ve got ~40 wraiths & 4 skellie mages with 44% minion cast speed (they’re virtually all flame wraiths) & 30% more cast speed on my mages. Assuming the wraiths attack once per second (which is about right with the current cast speed buff) they’ll be doing ~40-50 hits per second with 1/2 your freeze rate.

I’ve got max points in Bitter Winter, which gives a base freeze rate of 100, which if it does use my freeze multi, would then be up to 1,000. So I’m getting ~1/2 your freeze rate but with twice the hits per second which should get the same amount of freeze up-time on a boss (and by boss I mean the big monolith bosses). But I’m not seeing that kind of freeze up time on “normal” monolith bosses which makes me think that it’s not getting the correct freeze multi from my stats (998% from gear).

I’m level 100 and I cannot get 100% freeze on Argentus and that’s a level 68 boss.

I have to weave Mana Strike in between - so there is always a small gap of non-freezable hits - but there are still times when Shatter Strike doesn’t always freeze.

I rarely get a freeze on the level 100 version of Lagon in the 1st half of the fight, more in the 2nd half.

I do notice that with less freeze rate, I freeze less! Obvious, I guess. I’ve been focusing on freeze with this build and re-itemising accordingly.

Yeah, I don’t need 100% up time, as long as its frequent enough to interrupt the casting of the big hits it would make the fights a lot easier, I’ve seen @McFluffin (almost) chain stun Rahyeh and I wondered if I could do the same.

Since I’m not getting anywhere near your level of freeze I think its reasonable to say that the freeze rate from Bone Curse isn’t being affected by the player’s freeze multi. Whether it’s being affected by minion freeze multi is the next question.