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Blindness Eyes

Void towers that shoot out those white floating “void” balls called Blindness Eyes don’t do any damage at all when they attack. I let 6 or 7 of them attack me as I watched my health orb and it didn’t even flinch. I’m only a level 16 Sentinel and don’t have any great armor to brag about.

Which zone is this in? If it happens again, a log file would be helpful. Thanks!

No folders found for;
Eleventh Hour Games
Last Epoch

Searched whole file system on both hard drives.

You probably don’t have Hidden Items enabled (for some reason Windows disables them by default). Open File Explorer, click the “View” tab at the top left, then tick “Hidden Items” to on.

Either way, a screenshot/zone name would be helpful! You can upload a screenshot to somewhere like

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