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Blessing comparison pop-up remains on screen

Blessing Pop-up

This was after doing empowered Fall of the Outcasts.

The pop-up remained after I’d confirmed selection (I kept my current blessing) and completed quest, did not disappear in the boss room. After exiting boss room, image persisted and took a screen shot.

Image gone after relog.

Sorry about that! Could you please upload your log file so we can look into this? Since you’ve restarted the game, the information will be in the Player-prev file. Thanks!

I’ve done a few Echoes and relogged a few times (let my pc cool down due to hot weather).

I’m running it again now to try get a blessing upgrade. If it happens again, I’ll try and remember to save and upload the log.

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for me, the “blessing equipped” is stuck there

I have the same issue right now from the same situation. Here is a screen shot.