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Bleed Build

Hi folks, I was thinking of making a bleed build and was looking for suggestions on a build. I’m not sure which class has the highest bleed damage potential and just looking for recommendations

I’m playing a necromancer bleed minions build. It’s working well, just stack minion physical damage and minion attack speed. The necromancer passives have armour shred to help.
archers, wraiths, skele mages, golem, bone curse.
I also really like the beastmaster bleed minions idea, though the AOE options seem lacking for that class.

I like the idea of bleed but am not keen on the necro.minion builds so I’d be interested in seeing whatever you came up with. @boardman21 has some very good builds across all classes so you may get some inspiration from checking out his stuff.

My personal favourite in D3 (other than the Demon Hunter of course) was the thorns crusader so thats the one I am waiting to try and replicate in LE - apparently there is a problem with thorns and its unfortunately not viable as a build right now - maybe it will eventually appear.

Some unique gear from the database for inspiration for bleed (you have already probably done this): is also helpful

Something like Bleed Warden

Best classes with no minions for getting lots of bleed damage is paladin and lich. The paladin with a melee skill or throwing skill + undisputed unique weapon is nice. As for the lich, it has alot of skills based around bleed (and poison) spirit plague being the best as it can apply over 3 stacks of bleed per cast and have 200% bleed effectiveness although better to run as low life build. You also have transplant and detotnations, rip blood, and marrow shards can stack massive bleed while doing good damage thanks to bone curse.

Minion bleed can be really powerful on both the necromancer and the beastmaster
I like the beastmaster more than the necro as theres less minions to deal with but kate game reviving vs just resummoning can be problematic. If you dont mind fps issues, blood wraiths + chest piece doubles de totus or whatever its called for minion bleed can kill single targets incredibly fast

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My favorite builds in games are reflect builds: Thorns in D3, Retaliation in Grim Dawn, and likewise in PoE. Sadly it’s not viable in this game unless you go minion reflect, and even then it’s very slow, and requires having a ton of minions on screen.
The biggest problem is that first you mitigate the damage, then a % and/or flat amount is reflected, which the mobs then mitigate themselves. . .leading to very, very low damage. Hopefully one day it will be viable.