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Blackness, all blackness, now (somewhat resolved)

Hello everyone, strange set of events, yeah. First, amazing game, I truly love this game.

I am playing from Ubuntu 18.04.2 in Steam, i7-4790 3.6ghz, radeon rx 470, 12gb ram

However, I woke up this morning, and went to go play in steam. It claimed it was no longer installed. Installed, logged in. After the character selection screen, once in game, I get some UI items but otherwise it is blackness. I can see my arrow moving around on the map, but no world textures at all. Menu works fine.

I reboot, go to steam, and its not there again! Go into steam directories, and the game directory was oddly missing. Fixed. Hit play. Same problem. Looks like there was a recent update… I am guessing it is relevant, looking forward to being able to play again!

Downloading the non-steam release, just in case…

Edit: Just found someone having a similar issue in the past, will be trying their fix. I am exactly the same issue, however it did not kick in until most recent patch today. I was playing earlier yesterday. Will report back on trying “medium” master preset.

Edit: Medium master preset makes it run again.

Thank you

I went on to research this and it turns out that you only have to adjust Atmospheric Lighting (?) and apply it to get visuals again- at least on my 2014 iMac…


Hey there,

I just wanted to drop in, apologize for the lack of communication about this, and confirm that we have been looking into this further. Unfortunately we’ve only been able to partially reproduce this internally, which makes it a more difficult issue to resolve than would otherwise be the case. It’s possible that Patch 0.7.6 will address this issue, but unfortunately I am not able to confirm that yet. Thank you for all of the information you’ve provided - this is very helpful when we struggle to reproduce the issue ourselves.

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