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Black screen flickers

Bought the game yesterday and it played fine. Logged on today and the game is unplayable because every second or so it flickers to a black screen and then back to the game. It won’t stop this. How do I fix it? I run a dual-screen system and the game is on the main screen.

have simila problem, only that mine flickers to a whit screen

I have a similar issue - when there are plenty of mobs or I have lots of AOE happening, I see a WHITE rectangle over the bottom interface (as if you drew a rectangle enclosing from the health circle across to the mana circle). Very occasionally it does this on the whole screen but not nearly as often.

It seems to have zero impact on the game (i.e. nothing breaks when it does this) so to me it seems like a screen refresh issue of some kind. That and the fact that it seems to ONLY happen when things are getting busy.

Am running screen limited to 60fps with vsync on a GTX1060 3GB.

Your description seems to me like the issue that they are having with multiple monitors where it is messing up on which monitor to display the image - I think there are newer posts with similar dual-display issues.