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Black minimap


Operating System: Linux

Detailed description: In the starting area, the minimap is just a black box.

Your system information:

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Tested across High, Medium and Low - all black minimap.

Oddly, as I clicked to quit to the menu it then appeared just as it went to the menu. So it is there, just covered up?


Thanks for the report!

There’s a chance that both this - and a potentially related bug where a transparent black layer covers much of the screen (most noticeable on widescreen monitors) - will be fixed in the next patch, however I’m still waiting on the fix to land before I can test this.



Ah yes, I think I noticed that actually. To the left of the screen there’s a bar going all the way up that’s clearer than the rest of the screen, so it does look like something is covering :slight_smile:


I’ve tested a release candidate for 0.6, and unfortunately both issues were still present.

The team only uses the Unity Editor on Windows, which means that Windows-specific issues tend to be more visible than Linux- or Mac-specific problems. After we release this patch, and after some of the team get back from PAX South, we’ll finish migrating to a new bug tracker which I’m hoping will do wonders for the prominence of bugs unique to Linux or MacOS.


To help us better understand these issues I’ll be installing the unofficial Unity Editor for Linux after we deploy Patch 0.6 this week. This will give us access to more debug information.


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