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Black Display except HUD on Linux

EXPECTED: Everything visible on entering level.
INSTEAD: game world goes black except HUD as in:

Issue happens on starting to play a char about every second or third time. Happens after loading zones much less frequently - about 1 in 10 times. Bug is existing in 0.7.4B as well.

FIX: Changing graphics master setting. Lighting up a waypoint or other sources of light that are lit on getting close work as well but are not as reliable.

edit: Black display on Linux seems related, but is closed.

tinkered around with it some more - findings:

-bug on char load only when graphic master settings on “very low”. starting on “medium” prevents bug
-bug on map transition only occurs on maps that have the blue tint

This white-out was a first but was mirroring the black-outs before. Removed log file after I noticed that it include system paths not regarding LE.