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Billing Phone is a required field


Hi there,

the game looked really interesting so I decided to buy in on the alpha.
However I stopped, due to the phone number being non-optional.
I would never share my phone number with any company whatsoever - you have my email if correspondence is required.

Is there, or will there be in the future a way to chime in on the fun without sharing phone numbers?

Best regards.



Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have updated the checkout page and you should now be able to make purchases without supplying a phone number.


Wow, that was fast, thank you!
However I still do have some troubles with purchasing:.
It says “Billing state / county” is a required field - only that doesn’t make sense for germany.
The UI reflects this, I have no input field for state.

In comparison, when selecting the US as country, picking a state becomes possible. (It makes sense here.) It is just left of ZIP-code here. (Can’t attach picture due to max. 1 for new users.)


I’m very sorry about that!

As you can likely tell, we’ve recently been making a lot of changes to our website - and while we’ve done our best to test those changes, we’re a small team and don’t have people from every country. I have kept that field, but it should now be optional.

If you’re still interested in making a purchase, could you please either post here afterwards or send me a Message (you can do this by clicking on my name next to my post) ? Since you’ve very kindly provided impromptu QA testing I’d like to offer you something in return.


glad to be of help.
The purchasing process was successful now.


Thank you for supporting us!

I’ve upgraded your purchase to the Ancient Centurion pack. This includes all of the contents of the Ancient Champion pack you paid for - but it includes a bit extra, too. :slight_smile:


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