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Beta Version


I’d like to play the beta. Will the release version next year just be a rehash of what I will go through playing the beta?


I believe I read that the current (beta) story is 40% of the main game and one end game system that is intended to be part of the main launch end game system (and another end game system that may or may not be in main game launch)
I don’t believe they will add too much story before launch and no clue if they plan on debuting more end game systems prior to full release. Mostly I expect the beta patches to mostly contain things like additional classes skill trees, equipment additions, model/animation/sound updates.


I want to try the beta but if I already know what is coming in the final release I might not want to play the final. I guess it’s likely any beta scores, rewards, saves, etc, are not transferable to the final release.


They are working on a free demo as well


I believe some story content will be kept for release.


Here’s a list of the stuff not currently in the beta that is planned to be added before release.

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