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Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement


Wohoo it-s the 30th !! how do i download my beta ??


Exactly!!! And how to download it via Steam? :slight_smile:


They said there will be a function on the website to link your EHG account to your Steam account, but I’m guessing that function goes live tomorrow. We should know more then.

I’m excited to play it on Steam, so we can get some Steam stats going.


Cant wait !!! Great job guys !


If you purchased one of the alpha series packs, will you get the new rewards that roll out with the new packs? or do you have to buy the new packs that come out?


You will only receive the contents of supporter packs you purchase.


Can’t wait been waiting for Beta to play… Going to dig in and enjoy when the baby is taking her nap tomorrow afternoon for sure


Ok so in my country it-s 12 pm so i have to wait for 7 more hours to play ??? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hi, Sarno. For modding topic - do you have any sort of info you can share (or at least any ideas)?

I would also want to know about Steam - Last Epoch account connecting - will it be as painful, as in POE?

Also, When have you joined Last Epoch? Last time I saw you, you were deep into POE :slight_smile: Congrats on progress from POE community icon to LE comm manager.


Unfortunately both of these questions are very vague, which makes them difficult to answer.

I joined Eleventh Hour Games at the start of 2018.