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Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement


Nice announcement & trailer!
I reinstalled today after quite a long time (no really, I hadn’t played since the demo) and the progress is great. Can’t wait to play it up on Steam, keep it up guys!


I’m happy to be a supporter since kickstarter started and the wait has paid it’s efforts, congratulations to the Last Epoch Team, this month will end with a really nice game release! :hearts: :joystick:


Im excited to be part of the Alpha team! And cant wait to see all that comes next :slight_smile:


I cant wait !


Congratulations to everyone at Eleventh Hour for surviving the Alpha Phase!

Very much looking forward to seeing the additional story content, as well as what else you have in store for Last Epoch!


Looking really, really good. I’m well impressed at the speed it seems to be moving along.

Cannot wait to try out the beta in a few weeks.


This game is looking pretty damn good!


can’t wait to play it. thanks guys.


I can not wait:smiley_cat:


Cant wait !!! Great job guys !


Druid :heart_eyes:


Just to clarify: the current supporter packs will not be available through Steam, correct?

(Also, excitement yay \o/ )


The current series of supporter packs will not be sold through Steam.

It will be possible to link Last Epoch and Steam accounts, so anyone who has already purchased one will be able to access its contents even when playing through Steam.


Ok, then. I was just waiting to see if I could buy a pack with my wallet funds. I’ll pull the trigger now! Can’t wait to finally play :slight_smile:


Thank you for supporting us! :slight_smile:


An interesting game!!!

Kind regards from Spain


Can’t wait. :smile:


So Hype!


Sounds excellent, wish you guys all the best in the future.


OMG congrats guys all the best for your STEAM release!!!